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Amazing Spider-Man 663
The Return of Anti-Venom Part One

The issue starts with an impressive Anti-Venom intro panel.


". . . for all the poisons that plague the Earth I am your Anti-Venom". Wonderful stuff.

Anti-Venom is out to get Martin Li a.k.a. Mr. Negative.

montage of mr. negative, anti-venom
					and  martin li

I love the part about Li being the greatest sinner and the greatest saint both.

Anti-Venom looks monstrous enough but apparently there is something scarier than him.

thugs going past anti-venom

The Wraith.

the wraith on the attack

Here is another look at her.

the wraith standing

Gorgeous full body shot by Guiseppe Camuncoli. I don't get what makes her look so fearsome. She's obviously bulletproof but Anti-Venom looks much more intimidating - must be something she says to the criminals, its very baffling.

For those reading Spider-Man for some time now, here's the biggest (best?) surprise of all: The Wraith is Jean DeWolff !

the wraith revealed as 
					jean dewolff

I'm surprised. You're surprised. Anti-Venom is absolutely stunned.

a surprised anti-venom

Wow. Nothing more about Jean DeWolff in the rest of the issue, but that was plenty. Let's check up on Peter

Camuncoli gives us this wonderful montage about Spider-Man being both an Avenger and a member of the Future Foundation.

montage showing the 
					two teams of spider-man

Peter Parker just got published in a scientific journal. How big a deal is this?

This big:

peter gets published

Spider-Man and Anti-Venom tangle in this issue and we are once again reminded that Peter's powers go haywire when he's in close proximity to Brock. The tragedy is that both Spider-Man and Anti-Venom are fighting the good fight.

This panel is a concise summary of the dynamics between Spider-Man, Anti-Venom and Martin Li.

showing what's going on 
					between richard li, spider-man and anti-venom

Li is the real bad guy, the organized crime leader, Mr. Negative. Peter doesn't know that Li = Mr. Negative. Brock does but no one trusts Anti-Venom. So this is a case of two good guys going at it while the bad guy is off to the side. This makes every blow traded between Spidey and Anti-Venom infuriating.

And that's it for the main story but we have a bonus tale.

Bonus Story: Infested Stage 4: Out of Nowhere

This backup tale should have been called "The Parker Luck" because it spends most of the pages showing Spider-Man messing up as he goes about helping people.Just look at this panel.

peter takes a breather
					from the old parker luck

Spider-Man has just come from "rescuing" an old woman from, what seemed to be, an ATM robber - it turns out to be her grandson. Peter has a barely plausible string of these boo-boos and hence the pose shown on the panel above. Spider-Man really is Everyman isn't he? That's how I feel when I mess up - I feel the way Spider-Man looks in the panel above.

The infested part of the tale is very short and features a cameo from Cloak and Dagger. What happens is: A drug dealer that Cloak and Dagger is accosting suddenly develops Spider-Man-like agility. Evidently courtesy of this guy:

a mysterious goblin 

That's pretty much the "Infested" part.

The issue ends the right way with this beautiful panel of Spider-Man swinging off into the night.

spider-man swings off into the 

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