Lego Spider-Man

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Mans Doc Ock Ambush (6873)

Available from Amazon . For the Lego and Spider-Man fan, this set has it all! Three figures: Spider-Man (of course), Doctor Octopus, and Iron Fist. Spider-Man is popular from the movies, Iron Fist might be more obscure since he's only from the comics. Iron Fist is a Marvel character who is a martial artist - trained in the hidden city of K'un-L'un (think Shangri-La of Far Pavilions fame). Iron Fist can focus his power into his right fist which glows with energy and becomes hard as steel. And yes, Iron Fist is one of the good guys.

Backing up the figures is Doc Ock's laboratory and car! Doc Ock's lab is quite extensive, with an examination table for all his ghastly experiments, an air vent shaft (Spider's love to crawl on air vent shafts), and a containment sell. Moving on to Doc Ock's ride (open to stealing by the heroes, of course), the car has an octopus arm and missle launchers.

Lego is a tool for expanding a child's imagination and this toy welcomes so many possible scenarios. One of them would be Iron Fist getting captured by Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man swinging in for the rescue. Anyway you cut it, this translates to hours of Lego-quality fun!

I want it!

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