Spider-Man Venom

Classic Venom Statue by Bowen Designs

Available from Amazon . Venom is an alien symbiote, meaning he can only function if he finds a 'host'. Both Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson have 'hosted' Venom. This parasitic alien is violent, unashamedly malicious and fearsome looking - combining the bulky-look (but not the strength) of the Hulk with Spider-Man's speed. Venom is one of the few characters that can't be detected by Peter's spider-sense. Venom is also a huge fan favorite, partly because of his qualities and character and partly because Venom is such a indispensable part of the Spider-Man mythos. If you collect Spider-Man, Venom is most likely part of your must-have list at some point.

You can hardly do better than this exquisite, limited edition, hand-painted, and, naturally, pricey Bowen sculpture. If I saw this statue on its own on a collector's shelf I would naturally assume that Venom is his favorite Spidey villain. In my opinion, there is very little to commend this villain as as personal totem except for Venom's absolute honesty about his intentions. No double-talk or duplicity here, Venom is loud and proud of what he is, love him or hate him - and I suppose that is a bit commendable. For the collector of means this piece would look great among the other Spidey villains, although not a member of the legendary Sinister Six there is no denying that a Spider-Man rogues roster without him is noticeably lacking.

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