Spider-Man Web Shooters

Spider Man Rapid-Fire Web Shooter

Available from Amazon . If your kid has a Spider-Man costume or even just a glove this web shooters is the perfect accessory. No gloves or costume? No problem. They can still use the web shooter. And chances are your little Spider-Man fan will love his new toy. After all it's set up just like Spidey's web shooter. If you look closely at the movies (Amazing Spider-Man not Spider-Man) and the comics, you'll notice that Peter activates the web-shooter by pressing his palms with his fingers. Same with this toy web shooter. It's much bulkier to be sure, but the firing action is authentic Spider-Man.

These shooters shoot missiles not webs. I'm sure a kid's imagination will be able to bridge the gap during play. The mechanism reminds me of a Nerf gun. No surprise there. This product is also made by Hasbro. And yes, you may consider that as an assurance of both quality and safety. Five missiles are provided and can be loaded at the same time. As a missile is fired the next one is automatically loaded for non-stop play. The range is 15 feet. Fun yes, but it also makes the missiles easy to lose.

For real authenticity you might consider buying two of these for your resident Spider-Man.

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