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Marvel Knights Spider-Man 7
Venomous Part Three

From last issue , when Rachel Summers told Peter Parker that his Aunt May might be dead, this issue ramps up the pace, taking us through entire days in a matter of pages. In short order we see Spider-Man tangling with the Lizard.

spider-man punches the lizard

At which point we get this very interesting panel.

spider-man punches the lizard

Peter is under the ground, in a half submerged, smelly sewer. In a half submerged, smelly sewer with dead bodies floating around giving off a vile stench. And. And. The Lizard looks more dangerous and grosser than I've ever seen him. But Peter is so worried about Aunt May that things barely register - he goes about his business as Spider-Man in a manner that could be described as "workmanlike". Going through the paces. It's familiar isn't it? Moments when life's little ribbings don't hurt you as much as they should because you're still trying to deal with a previous drubbing.

After the Lizard, its Hydroman's turn.

spider-man vs. hydroman

Then Sandman.

spider-man vs. sandman

Then Rhino.

spider-man vs. rhino

Then the Enforcers.

spider-man vs. the enforcers

I like this Enforcers panel because it emphasizes Spider-Man's strength. Put in all the Spider-Man panels ever made and I bet nintey percent would showcase agility instead of strength. So these "strength" panels are worth savoring.

I also notice Terry Dodson gave Spider-Man slitted eye lenses, making him look fiercer.

Did you like Dodson's villain panels? Those are nothing compared to these:

Black Cat.

sexy black cat

If you liked that you're gonna love this .

Back to the troubles of Mr. Parker. I did mention this issue speeded up time somewhat? We are informed that it is now more than a month since Aunt May's disappearance, no ransom demands, no communications whatsoever. This mystery has been ongoing since Marvel Knights Spider-Man 1.

What happens next can only happen in the pages of a Spider-Man comic, and, I daresay, should be one reason why you should read Spider-Man. Where was I? Oh yes, what happens next is that Spider-Man has to take a leak.

So he goes into a diner and uses the rest room. He's about to go out when he's accosted by a waitress pointing out that the rest room is "for customers only". Since Peter has already used the facility he is compelled to sit down.

spider-man in a diner

Coffee? you should have gone for the Key Lime Pie Peter. That sounded really delicious.

So Peter's talking with the waitress, Ramona, when it comes out that she is the Vulture's daughter-in-law. The one he talked about back in Marvel Knights Spider-Man 4. She has a son with leukemia - Vulture's grandson - and the Vulture was doing a job with Electro in order to have money for the kid's operation.

Peter can't do anything at this point but make a polite exit but I'm really hoping that Ramona gets some help in future issues. And the Vulture. My favorite Spidey villain in the cruel clutches of the Owl. What of him?

On a lighter note: MJ just got up from a good night's sleep.

sexy mj

If any of us had to look at an outfit like that in the morning who needs caffeine?

And now a word from Peter.

peter and mj

I find that very difficult to swallow. The Master of the Mystic Arts can't find Aunt May? Implausible. But there it is.

Next up is something I almost intentionally neglected because its about Peter and MJ attending Peter's High School reunion.

high school reunion

Here's how Peter describes going through high school.

peter parker and liz osborn

It seems he has had as terrible a time in High School as I have. What baffles me is why he even goes to his reunions? I never go to mine. Wait a minute.This guy is Spider-Man. If I was Spider-Man . . . nah, I still won't go. Too many bad memories. By the way, feel free to make any connection you want from my love of comics to my having had a terrible time of it in High School.

So Peter is in attendance and his bastard classmates still treat him like shit. They take him to the gym and are about to humiliate him by giving him a wedgie.


Peter pushes them away.

peter pushes away some 

If there was any time I wanted Peter to use the proportionate strength of a Spider to turn anybody into a bloody pulp its now. I cannot believe the cruelty of bullying somebody in High School and bullying him again in the High School reunion. So I'm about to settle down to watch Peter wipe the floor with these guys when Venom does a surprise attack.

It's Venom but its not. Eddie Brock has been replaced by eighteen year old Angelo Fortunato. Venom knows Peter's real identity having served as the "costume" for some time. So now Angelo knows too and Venom calls Peter "Spider-Man" right in front of his ex-schoolmate.

spider-man talking
					to the new venom

For a moment there, I was like - uh-0h, the secret's out. But . . .

venom kills

The schoolmate is immediately killed by Venom.

By now the gym is littered with the dead bodies of the group that was about to pick on Peter. Death is definitely too extreme for bullies but I'm hard put to feel any regret or sympathy. To a victim of bullying, or anybody from the outside looking in and empathizing (like us), the feeling would be more like "good riddance to bad garbage". I supposed that's why we all live in a system of laws - emotions are a very poor foundation for justice.

Part Three of "Venomous" has finally become Venomous. I suppose next issue will be the Spider-Man vs. Venom issue - I'm a bit concerned that we leave Peter in a situation were he's not wearing his costume though. That could get in the way of the action. Oh well, I'm sure writer Millar will figure something out.

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