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Marvel Knights Spider-Man 8
Venomous Part Four

This piece of art from the splash page.

peter parker and venom
					smashes through the high school shower room

Not particulary good except, except, for the rendition of the tiles to the left side of the panel. That's exactly how tiles would come apart (not that I've ever seen tiles come apart, but it looks authentic).

Ever since last issue Millar has been harping on Peter Parker being bullied in High School. Along those lines, we get this panel.

peter parker punches venom

I think the balance has been lost and suspension of disbelief along with it. According to this panel, Parker has been victimized twice a week for years. Who keeps going to the gym showers for years to be victimized as if it was some kind of regular schedule from hell? A person would simply avoid the showers or fake a sickness, or something. Anything, except going there year after year to get your ass kicked. Millar pushed it too far here, this is just not believable. Unless Peter is exaggerating.

Okay. Now pure art: Venom vs. Spider-Man by Terry Dodson.

venom jumps at spider-man

Last issue I was concerned about how Peter would get into costume. It seems that he's getting into costume while fighting Venom. Is that even plausible?

I don't know, the web panel below looks vaguely pornographic to me.

spider-man spins a web

Throughout the issue we get insight about what makes Venom tick. Like this one.

venom's hand catches
					spider web

Just like Spidey, Venom's reaction time is so fast that normally fast things seem to be moving in slow motion.

Another great Venom/Spider-Man panel.

spider-man kicks venom

Spider-Man vs. Venom is so iconic that they created this .

Remember that famous Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry "Make my day" statement? The one below doesn't even come close, but how often do we hear the jokester Spider-Man get with the threats?

spider-man fist clenched

Here are more details about Venom's powerset.

spider-man pursues while
					venom becomes invisible

Web-spinning (obviously) , proof to Spider-sense, and invisibilty! Wow.

It's an exciting half chase, half fight, then this happens.

venom kills spider-man

That's right, its apparently the last issue of Spider-Man. How is Millar going to get out of an uber-large visual showing Venom murder Spider-Man? How?

This is how: Remember the five million dollars being offered by J. Jonah Jameson for the secret identity of Spider-Man? It all started in Marvel Knights Spider-Man 5. So because of this contest, somebody dresses up as Spider-Man and hangs around a rooftop while a friend takes some pics. This is the guy that gets killed by Venom. Poor guy.

Speaking of poor guys, let's take a closer look at Angelo Fortunato I'm convinced that he's not a bad kid, he just grew up in a family that essentially "broke" him. Peter knows . . .


More than that, Peter has a judgement on it.

spider-man punching

Peter has every right to say that, since he went through the same thing. Pressure was brought to bear and Angelo broke; Peter didn't. Still, I know how tough life can be, how dark it can be. so I tend to pull my punches when it comes time to castigating people who break under pressure. It won't stop me from wanting justice but there's always this little voice in my head saying "There but for the grace of God is me".

As you can glean from Peter's sentiment, Peter will really be pouring it on. Venom is the same fearless alien he always was but his host, Angelo, is starting to buck. Iv'e never seen Venom talk to his host - until now.


Here' another thing we've never seen: Venom voluntarily separating from his host.

venom separates from
					angelo fotunato

When I saw this my immediate thought was: Okay, who's going to be the next Venom?

Angelo falls to his death. Good for him. I mean it. His life was a constant beatdown from his father and his other relatives. There are times when the one thing worst then death is life.

Speaking about death, Eddie Brock commits suicide.

If Brock really died I'd be a bit sad about it but the operative phrase is "doesn't look like he'll make the night". So he's not dead, and he won't die as we all know. The next thing I want to note is that why did Brock cut his risk in the street? Why not indoors? The only thing I can think of is that he wanted to be found, he wanted to be saved. While he was fighting Angelo, Peter said that the old Venom, meaning the "Brock" Venom had a twisted set of morals - Brock played by certain rules. That got me to thinking. Spider-Man has two foes that are on the borderline between villainy and, well, not heroism. Let's say between villainy and non-villainy. The two villains? Eddie Brock's Venom and the Sandman.

The Spider-Man books showcase Spider-Man's powers, of course, but, they also showcase the Parker smarts. And we have come to the point when Peter Parker uses his brilliant mind to put an end to J. Jonah Jameson's five million dollar campaign for Spider-Man's identity. And Peter does this by revealing, finally, to Jameson, who Spider-Man is. Ta-dahh!

pictures of spider-man
					and john jameson

Hahahaha! From this issue forward Jameson is going to think Spider-Man is his son, John Jameson!

It gets even better. It gets even better. It turns out I was wrong. Jameson didn't put down the money for Spider-Man's identity - it really was an anonymous donor. Jameson keeps most of it but, since Peter has done the "big reveal" he gives Peter five hundred thousand dollars. Woo-hoo! As we saw in Marvel Knights Spider-Man 5, Peter and MJ are having credit card problems. Perfect. No. More. Problems.

Not really.

Hold that thought. Before we leave Jameson, his nice office is worth a panel shot.

j. jonah jameson
					in his office

Just beautiful. Now back to the money. Peter gives it away!

To whom you ask? To the Vulture's daughter-in-law. Lets backtrack a bit to Marvel Knights Spider-Man 4 where the Vulture confesses that he was stealing money for his grandson who has leukemia. Then lets backtrack again to Marvel Knights Spider-Man 6 where Peter meets Vulture's daughter-in-law and is able to confirm that the poor kid with leukemia really does exist and the Vulture wasn't lying. Peter receives five hundred thousand dollars from Jameson and, in a not-so-subtle coincidence, the sick kid needs five hundred thousand dollars - and Mr. Parker provides it. I mentioned in issue 6 that I wished somebody would help the kid and it turns out that somebody is Peter.

I'm fast realizing that I'm reading about a far better man than I am. I must admit that in Peter's place I would have conveniently "forgotten" about the Vulture's grandsan - pushing it out of my mind as "not my problem. Here's hoping that some of Peter's goodness rubs off on me as I keep reading Spider-Man.

Finally! Peter gets a call about his Aunt May. There will surely be more on that next issue.

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