Posted - July 19, 2014 | Updated : August 27, 2015

Marvel Knights Spider-Man 18
Wild Blue Yonder Part Six

The first thing that caught my attention this issue was a panel were Spider-Man is spinning the Owl while making with the witty patter.

spider-man spinning the owl

While this is going on, a furious Absorbing Man starts attacking.

absorbing man attacks

An early casualty is Ms. Whats-Her-Hame.

mystery girl dies

I was expecting that at some point we would have a name or a code name on her. But she's dead and we don't even get to know her name.

That's so cool.

I've been calling him Superman. Then he called himself Virtue. Now he's back.


With a much better costume and a new moniker: "Tiller". As in the guy who separates the wheat from the chaff - a biblical reference. This is one very religious Skrull. Personally I prefer the name "International Harvester".

I've been looking for eye beams and now we have them.

tiller hits absorbing man with
					eye beams

Since last issue part of Marvel Knights Spider-Man has become a Fantastic Four comic (not a complaint). We catch up on the foursome in Lousiana backcountry or is it the Florida Everglades. Anyway its a wet marshy land with lots of alligators.

the ff in the marshes

The Thing is perfect for wrestling alligators. Impenetrable, rocky hide, super-strength. I've watched Swamp People , the Thing would make quota, no problem.

Meanwhile, the Tiller begins to become aware of his true nature.

tiller using the internet

And its through the Internet, of course, or that might be the Daily Bugle intranet he's accesssing.

Just look at this.

the owl inside his limo

Totally ridiculous slash amusing. The inside of the Owl's car is bigger than my apartment. Things can get really exaggerated in the comics (wait, don't tell me, there's a real limo with this dimensions, right?).

Here's a great Absorbing Man vs. Spider-Man panel by Billy Tan.

absorbing man vs. 

Billy Tan has been making Absorbing Man gigantic ever since Marvel Knights Spider-Man #14 I really like that rendition of the character. I don't recall Creel being oversized in past Thor and Avengers issues I've read though.

Once again, Spider powers + Peter Parker brains = deadly combination. In terms of smarts Creel is in the opposite side of the spectrum from Peter. The Absorbing Man is very reactive, I'm referring to his tendency to automatically "absorb" anything he comes into contact with. The Absorbing Man doesn't have to absorb everything he touches, he just does. Its tempting to imagine someone more cerebral wielding the Absorbing Man's powers. Someone who would observe the materials in the immediate area, come up with a reasonable, and flexible plan of attack or defense; on what materials are ideal to do the job. Implement and adjust as necessary. That would be one heck of a formidable foe. But we have Creel who absorbs the first chemical Peter throws at him. And here he gets into contact with the second chemical.

spider-man pouring 
					a chemical on absorbing man

Peter Parker, the science whiz has made Creel absorb a chemical that in combination with this second substace results in . . .


First of all, never let it be said that the Absorbing Man didn't leave this story arc with a bang. Second, he's fine. The Absorbing Man is one of Marvel's toughest characters. Looking forward to seeing him, somewhere, soon.

So how does a guy who always thought he was human, waitaminute, its worst than that. So how does a born-again Christian take the news that he's a Skrull? Not well. As you can see, the Avengers needed to be called in.

tiller vs. the avengers

There's lots of destruction of property but not because of malice. It's more from shock and grief really. These series of panels shows us the happey ending writer Reginald Hudlin gives to Superm - no, Virtue, nope, The Tiller, cool, but no. Ethan, he's name is Ethan.

the tiller is human

Not only do we have a happy ending we also have a fantastic "sleeper"character for Marvel to use in future storylines. Where was Ethan during Secret Invasion by the way?

This is not only the ending of the issue its also the ending of the "Wild Blue Yonder" story arc. Not only that we also bid goodbye to the creative team of Reginald Hudlin and Billy Tan. Six issues ago this team started out choking and unsure but ended up earning the right to handle Marvel's premiere character. It's been a joy to see the improvement from one issue to the next of the last six issues. Thanks guys!

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