Posted - July 20, 2014 | Updated : August 27, 2015

Marvel Knights Spider-Man 20
The Other Part Five

It seems Peter David's stint last issue was temporary. Reginald Hudlin is back and (sigh) so is Pat Lee.

Oh well. Marvel Knights Spider-Man jumps from Part Two to Part Five of The Other storyline where we find ourselves in one of my favorite places in the Marvel Universe - quaint little Latveria.

a latverian square

Hmmm, it seems Doctor Doom is on one of his "disappearances". As you can see below, even with the rumor of the dreaded Doctor's demise, people won't take any chances past the curfew.

curfew at latveria

I take it that violating a Latverian curfew isn't something you can simply get fined for.

Peter is in Latveria with Aunt May and MJ.

spider-man with aunt may
					and mj both in iron man armor

Where's Aunt May and MJ you ask? Aunt May is in this and MJ is in the gold Iron Man Mark II armor so generously lent to them by Tony Stark because. Well. Because in Latveria, if you're out past the curfew, you are well advised to either have super-powers or some near equivalent, like, in this case, Iron Man's armor. And to drive home the point of how dangerous this place is, just check out this mutated monster that jumps at Peter from out of a Latverian moat.

giant mutant fish 
					attacks spider-man

The point of this little trip is to get to the most famous time machine in all of Marvel: Doctor Doom's time transportation platform. And the purpose of getting to the time machine is to go on a nostalgic trip to the past. You heard that right: NOSTALGIC TRIP TO THE PAST. No crisis. No super-villains. Just a little trip down memory lane. Why? Because Peter Parker is dying and he wants to see his parents one more time.

And so off they go. Here is Mr. and Mrs. Parker and a very young Pete.

peter parker's parents

Peter, young and hot-blooded, is very emotional. This trip is a bit hard on him.

peter parker runs after
					his parents

Aunt May, old and wise, simply enjoys it for what it is.

peter,mj and aunt may in the

And what is it? It's the ultimate three-dimensional, surround sound photo album. The things we could do with this right? I would head over to the past and talk some goddamn sense to myself - I'm not above beating myself up a bit if I prove to be too hard-headed.

Back from the trip and in Doc Doom's castle, as expected, the Doombots try to take out the Spider.

spider-man being attacked by

Backup provided by Iron Man armors I and II.

iron man armor mark I and II
					in blast mode

Peter is worried about - understandably worried - about leaving MJ and Aunt May without money. So he comes upon a a plan to use his spider-sense to win at the gambling tables in Vegas. Brilliant.

peter parker in the casino

Peter pushes his streak so much so that casino security suspect him of counting cards. Dumb.

peter parker getting accosted by casino security

Knowing that he is terminal, Tony Stark is on hand to pretty much grant Peter his dying wishes - including a romantic earth orbit getaway with MJ. During this near space interlude MJ says something quite profound.

peter and mj talking

She thanks Peter for sharing himself during his final days instead of retreating and cutting everybody off. I never quite looked at it that way, but MJ is right.

The second to the last panel of this issue is the most powerful panel of the issue. Aunt May knows that Peter is dying. He will die before her. Her Peter. The little boy she raised as her own. The one person in the world that loves her most. The one family she has. I'll let the panel speak for itself.

aunt may crying

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