Posted - July 20, 2014 | Updated : August 27, 2015

Marvel Knights Spider-Man 22
The Other Part Eleven

It is the penultimate issue of The Other storyline and the last issue of Marvel Knights Spider-Man. The numbering will be preserved but the new series title will be Sensational Spider-Man. I suppose we should just be thankful that it isn't Sesame Street Spider-Man.. Sounds as if gritty and serious will become sweet and light.

Anyway, on to this issue.

In the fine, gross-out tradition of last issue, we have this.

spider-man pursuing something

It seems like some kind of humanoid sludge flying around the city. To make matters worst, "it" came from the corpse of Peter Parker. And to make that worst, Peter Parker came from the corpse of Peter Parker.

Yes, Peter Parker has been reborn. And he has new stuff like these.

spidey stingers

Peter calls them stingers. I kow they're stingers, but I'm still shaking my head and asking "Why?".

The creature talks with Peter.

creature talking

I did not understand her meaning? What did she say?

Let's end it with a good Pat Lee panel.

Here is Dr.Strange and Peter Parker.

dr. strange and spider-man

The Doctors hands seem a tad too small and they appear twisted. The colors of both heroes just go together.

Like the previous issue this one ends with something gross.


actually the subject is gross but the panel looks painstakingly done.

Wow twenty-two issues, what a short series. I consider the first twelve issues by Millar and Dodson to be the "classic" Marvel Knights Spider-Man, true to the dark and gritty intention of the series, the next six issues by Hudlin and Tan are more mainstream in nature. The Hudlin/Tan team began badly but improved from issue to issue and ended well. The Other storyline, which comprise the last few issues of the series. Well, this is the point when Marvel Knights Spider-Man gets hijacked by the needs of hosting this rather gross crossover story arc.

As I understand this all this craziness was done to conform to Spider-Man .

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