Posted - July 27, 2014 | Updated : August 27, 2015

Marvel Team-Up 42
Visions of Hate

Last issue I made a guess that the place where Wanda was summoned to by Cotton Mather was Latveria on account of the extremely famous "platform style" time machine that could be none other but the property of Doctor Doom, and this issue confirms it. It's Latveria alright.

Cotton Mather, the famous "thought leader" of the Salem Witch Hunts was identified as the antagonist last issue but now it seems there's somebody behind him.

cotton mather

That weird dialogue balloon happens only when the speaker is being possessed.

For some incredible reason - and some strange way - Mather came to the twentieth century to kidnap the Scarlet Witch and add another victim to his seventeenth century pyre. Although the mutant Wanda Maximoff is no witch, they think she is. So if they want a witch, they got one.

scarlet witch casting a hex

Without scientific scrutiny those hex bolts are indistinguishable from magic. This is the first blast in a fight covering several pages. My only complaint is that of the three heroic combatants - the Scarlet Witch, the Vision, and Spider-Man - it is Spidey who is the first to fall. Eventually though, all three heroes fall before the lynch mob and get thrown in jail, or as they spelled it in those days - gaol.

spider-man with others in a
					salem dungeon

Going by what I believe to be the attitude of people in those times they should've stripped the Witch naked by now (not that Wanda needs to be naked to look this good ), the Vision - with his devilish looks would have been immediately dispatched to the flames and Spider-Man, at the very least, would not have his mask on anymore. But hey, this is a general patronage comic - just look at that vintage Comics Code Authority seal on the cover.

In jail, Spider-Man makes the acquaintance of one John Proctor.Just like Cotton Mather, John Proctor is a real life historical figure. He was 60 years old when he was hanged in connection with the Salem Witch Trials.

So Peter regains consciousness and he's being detained with a chain. Hahahah. Step one.

spider-man breaks a dungeon chain

And just because that was peanuts, Spider-Man rips the manacles off like they were foil wrappers.

spider-man breaks manacles

Here's a nice Vision and Spider-Man panel by Sal Buscema

spider-man and the vision

Another great panel showing the Vision using his eye blasts.

vision uses his eye blast

At the very last panel Doctor Doom shows up and he's like: "Who broke into my castle and used my time machine without permission?"

doctor doom contronts spider-man
					and the vision

The next issue is bound to be very interesting.

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