Posted - July 27, 2014 | Updated : August 27, 2015

Marvel Team-Up 44
A Death In The Year Before Yesterday

We are greeted by a splash page of Moondragon.

moondragon and spider-man
					atop avengers mansion

Earth-born but raised in Titan by the same race that spawned Thanos and Starfox, Moondragon is a psionic. She also has a haughty attitude that makes her an interesting read. And the outfit. Let's not forget the outfit. Can't have enough of that .

As a matter of convenience - and slightly sloppy writing - Moondragon is directly transported to 1692 Salem by one of the Scarlet Witches' hexbolts. Unlike before with Spider-Man whom the hex bolt only transported to Doom's Castle with Doom's time machine doing the time-jumping chores. Moondragon comes upon an ongoing story.

moondragon comes upon
					the dark rider holding spider-man, scarlet witch, doctor doom, and the vision hostage

Long story short, all of our protagonists have fallen to the power of one Dark Rider. The Rider is a form of vampire and he is now in the act of siphoning off each of his captives' powers. Without furter ado, Moondragon launches an impressive mental asssault.

moondragon attacks the 
					dark rider

The other's start reviving and we have this dialogue balloon filled panel where writer Bill Mantlo goes for a a one panel summary of the last three issues courtesy of Spider-Man

spider-man summarizes
					the last three issues with scarlet witch and the vision behind him

Now it is Dark Rider's turn to counter.

spider-man attacks

That vampiric blast doesn't seem to "give" but to "take" - truly a vampire-like attack.

Now, preparing to enter the fray - one Victor Von Doom!

doctor doom surrounded
					by energy

Doctor Doom's attack is very impressive.

doctor doom attacks the dark rider

The others start attacking in turn but it is Moondragon who delivers the coup de grace.

moondragon takes out the dark

No fancy strategies, no clever machinations, the storyline just kept adding opponents beginning three issues back until the Dark Rider succumbed to superior fire power. A straightforward yet entertaining storyline that effectively showcased several Marvel characters (Scarlet Witch, Vision, Doctor Doom and Moondragon). And that's the basic purpose of Marvel Team-Up; to use Spider-Man's popularity to feature other characters in particular and the Marvel Universe in general.

The issue ends in a ghastly historical note, as Spider-Man is witness to the unjust results of the Salem Witch Trials .

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