Posted - June 21, 2014 | Updated : August 27, 2015

Superior Spider-Man 2
The Peter Principle

First of all, let me state that I think Peter Parker is the one true Spider-Man. Not Otto Octavius. Not Ben Reilly. Peter. That said - and I know this is only the second issue of Superior Spider-Man - the more I read the more I'm beginning to agree that Doctor Octopus IS a superior Spider-Man; barring some lapses like his homocidal attack on Boomerang last issue.

Let's take as an example Doc Ock's use of the media and public relations. Peter never expended any effort in this area but Otto Octavius knows the if you don't take charge of your public image, your public image will be created for you. Years of dealing with J. Jonah Jameson's negative press and Peter never called a press conference to counter the negative spin. It's the seccond issue and its Otto Octavius' second press conference!

spider-man press conference

Speaking of J. Jonah Jameson, look at this!

j. jonah jameson shakes hands with

I don't buy it. We all know how unreasonable and blind Jameson's hatred of the Spider can be. So Superior Spider-Man does something for the Marla Jameson Foundation and now he's chummy with Jameson? I don't buy it. In the past, even when Spider-Man saved Jameson's life they would never get this chummy. I'm considering this a script flaw and ignoring it.

Dan Slott divided this issue into segments and each segment has a little identification label. Here's the label for the first segment:

from the mind of doctor octopus

That is so funny. This is how Otto thinks of MJ. More than that, this is how Otto thinks of everything. Another segment is labelled "Watson Dating Trials" and so on and so forth. Everything is just a series of scientific experiments.

Look at MJ in this panel.

peter and MJ talk in a cafe
					with peter's ghost in the background

Look at the outfit, specially the hat. That hat and small cafe table. This is almost identical to the pose and the outfit from this .

Back to the comic, MJ and Peter are talking then an alarm sounds and MJ knows that Peter has to go, the "ghostly" Peter knows the same, Doc Ock is hesitant, reluctantly gets up, and has this to say:

doc ock considers spider-man's 
					on call situation

I disagree with Peter regarding his "great responsibility" vow meaning that he has to interrupt his life everytime an alarm rings. For one thing, this is New York, there's always an emergency. For another, it is physically impossible for even Spider-Man to respond to each and every emergency. For the sake of his private life, not to mention sanity, Peter should adopt a, well, I would think, a schedule. Set times when he can or cannot respond. Peter does not agree with this though. And neither does Doc Ock. True to his scientist nature Otto Octavius heads back to the lab for a solution.

In the Lab we find that Doc Ock has converted the Living Brain into a docile assistant/manservant robot of sorts.

the living brain now
					serves doc ock

More than that, he creates Spider Bots. These little critters will patrol and monitor the city for him. He plans to deploy hundreds of them.

doc ock shows off his
					spider bot

Genius! Effective, time-saving, just genius. Between the robot assistant and the Spider-bots, this IS Superior Spider-Man. Well it is.

We can never blame Doc Ock for looking at MJ and getting horny about it. Just wait till he sees the Black Cat. Anyway, the Doctor is a surprisingly patient courtier. Not only that, he comes to the conclusion that it is simply impossible for MJ and Peter to make the relationship work because of the Spider-Man alter ego. Peter himself admits he knows this but is unable to cut and cut clean. Not so the doctor, he makes the decision - calling the relationship a 'recursive loop' - and ends it. Again, Superior Spider-Man.

The Doctor's ultimate solution also a bit scientific - heck, its downright biological.

now doc ock can concentrate
					on his work

He jacks off. Gets a good night's sleep and is over the whole MJ thing. Superior Spider-Man!

Next issue its the Vulture, my absolute favorite Spidey villain.

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