Posted - June 22, 2014 | Updated : August 27, 2015

Superior Spider-Man 3
Everything You Know Is Wrong

A spider signal!

j. jonah jameson unveils the
					spider signal

What a lively way to begin the third issue of Superior Spider-Man - busting into Batman territory. The fact that its instigated by J. Jonah Jameson in his capacity as Mayor makes sense. Here's the classic Batman panel a la Spider-Man.

spider-man in the skies
					the spider signal in the background

Let's enjoy this panel because it looks like its going to be the only one, as Otto doesn't like this whole Spider Signal schtick and takes matters into his own hands.

bat signal destroyed

In another (friendly) swipe at the Batman signal, Otto explains why a Spider Signal (and, therefore, a Bat Signal) is a bad idea.

why a spider signal is a bad idea

At this point, Jameson is shamefaced and cowed and allows Spder-Man's requests like the use of the Police Lab, for example. I get a sense that Dan Slott made a list of what he wanted from the series, and one of them is a wholly different relationship between Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson. A relationship wherein Jameson is subservient. It's an entertaining premise but the execution is sadly not believable. The old Jameson, looking at the destroyed signal, would have blown his top and WOULD HAVE REMAINED PISSED. No way Spider-Man could have gotten the green light for any request. Jameson would have that rooftop swarming with cops and a general manhunt would be underway for the "masked menace".

Last issue featured the new Sinister Six. This one showcases the Vulture. Both Doc Ock and the Vulture were founding members of the original Sinister Six . As Otto swings off to confront Adrian, memories of the past play on his mind. I like this panel in particular. I've been looking at Peter's mug for so long I'm starting to forget what Otto Octavius looks like.

doctor octopus and
					the vulture, members of the sinister six

"One big score" without the meddling Spider-Man. That is what Adrian Toomes has always wanted. And I find it touching that Otto Octavius as Spider-Man is willing to grant it to an old comrade.

otto gives adrian a 
					really good deal

The ghostly Peter is rummaging around Otto's head and comes up with that old saw: Otto had a childhood spent being abused

otto octavius being abused as
					as child

Where, oh where, are the demented sickos from good families? Wall Street. Kidding.

Anyway, so its established that Otto was roughed up during his formative years. That's important for what comes next.

We've all been seeing Toome's little bird henchmen since last issue and I've been ignoring them on aesthetic grounds. Small "mini me" vultures, they looked and look ridiculous. Although this panel's layout makes Toomes and his buzzards look good.

the vulture and the mini

It is revealed here that they are kids that Toomes are exploiting - as in child labor.

vulture's henchman revealed 
					to be a kid

Otto was an abused kid + Adrian exploiting kids = an Otto Octavius mad on. This is where Superior Spider-Man is different. When Peter gets mad we know he is in control and will do the right thing. When Otto gets mad, its a very nervous situation because Doc Ock has those moments when he's just not in control. This time he goes ballistic on the Vulture, who is a favorite of mine and I'm like: Is Toomes going to die in this issue?

References to Spider-Man's strength just helps build up the tension.

reference to the strenght
					of spider-man

"Arms that have traded blows with the Hulk". Holy crap!

On Toome's favor is an improved suit.

vulture's suit

As the chase continues we get this great detail.

vulture hears that sound

It only makes sense that Spider-Man's longtime foes (i.e. every member of the old Sinsiter Six) know the sound of his cartriges emptying. That's a much appreciated detail from Dan Slott.

The good news is the Vulture isn't killed. He's messed up something major but he will live to fly another day in the skies of Marveldom. Yehey!

As a last, exquisite, parting gift from this issue, we get two panels that show Carlie becoming aware of the big switcheroo .

carlie knows

The look on Carli'es face says it all. Kudos to Ryan Stegman for his subtle art.

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