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All About Cyclops


Cyclops and his magnificent optic blasts. Ruby red beams of force emitted from single slit visors. Visually stunning and devastatingly powerful. How powerful where these optic blasts during the early issues of X-Men? Let's go have a look . . .

During their very first outing, in X-Men issue no. 1, the X-Men go up against Magneto. The arch-villain surrounds himself with a powerful magnetic shield, it is up to Cyclops to penetrate it. As seen below, he uses maximum power; so much force that he eventually does penetrate the shield staggering even the mighty Magneto.

x-men : cyclops using maximum force against magneto's magnetic shield

The optic blasts are used just as we expect - as a destructive force. Cyclops blasts through some debris, also in the first issue.

x-men : cyclops blasting through some debris

In an adventure against the Sentinels, Cyclops destroys Sentinel equipment with ease.

x-men : cyclops destroys sentinel metal equipment

In the second issue, he saves some bystanders by turning some falling masonry into powder.

x-men : cyclops blasting through a wall enlarge

Twice during the first twenty issues Cyclops functions as a human battering ram. Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants get a surprise in issue no. 5 as Cyke's force beam breaches the metal door of their sanctum.

x-men : cyclops blasts through magneto's sanctum

Issue no. 10 takes the X-Men to the first of many forays into the Hidden Land where they meet Ka-Zar, who gets a demonstration of Cyclop's "magic eyes" as he splinters a wooden gate.

x-men : cyclops batters down a gate

When the X-Men meet the Avengers they are definitely outpowered by Earth's Mightiest Heroes but not before Cyclops impressively disarms Thor - bouncing Mjolnir from the Thunder God's hand and off Iron Man to boot!

x-men : cyclops blasts mjolnir

When the X-Men first encounter the Sentinels the giant robots still didn't have the ability to adjust to mutant powers, making them easy pickings for Mr.Summers.

x-men : cyclops takes down a sentinel

Also twice in the first twenty issues, Cyclops uses his power to blow holes into the ground. In issue no. 20 he creates a convenient escape route to the subway.

x-men : cyclops blasts a hole to a subway tunnel

In issue no. 13 he creates a hole as a defensive maneuver against the Juggernaut.

x-men : cyclops creates a hole for the juggernaut to fall through enlarge

These feats definitely places Scott Summers as his team's heavy hitter. Professor X himself acknowledges it in issue no. 3

x-men : professor x considers cyclops as the most powerful x-man

By issue no. 6, he already has a formidable reputation among Magneto and his mutant allies - note the reference to him as the most feared of all the X-Men.

x-men : the brotherhood considers cyclops the most feared of the x-men

The first twenty issues of the X-Men reveal that Cyke's force beams are not purely destructive. The power of the optic blasts can be lowered for some useful effects such as knocking the Beast over as part of a Danger Room exercise in issue no. 1.

x-men : cyclops knocks out beast and iceman without harm

Fine control is also displayed in destroying Iceman's ice block without harming Bobby - also part of the first issue's Danger Room sequence.

x-men : cyclops smashes through iceman's iceblock

In the second issue, the American government's top secret defense plans are stolen by the Vanisher. Cyclops uses an accurately placed low level force beam to knock the briefcase containing the plans from the Vanisher's hand without harming the briefcase or Vanisher's hand.

x-men : cyclops knocking a briefcase out of vanisher's hand enlarge

When the playful Iceman ices up Angel's wings, Cyclops melts it off with a low intensity beam.

x-men : cyclops thawing out angel's wings enlarge

A stronger beam but still gentle pushes back this elephant during an attack by the Blob and his circus buddies on the Xavier estate in issue no. 3 - the first appearance of the Blob.

x-men : cyclops pushes back an elephant

A low intensity beam is also used by Cyclops to harmlessly pack the Blob's henchmen in a corner.

x-men : cyclops backs some hoods into a corner

When Hank McCoy interrupts an irritable Scott Summers the eye beams are employed for the mundane task of slamming the door.

x-men : scott slams the door with his optic blast

The range of intensity of the optic blasts gives it a versatility that is showcased in this early issues. So far, we've seen raw power and skilled control, now let's check out accuracy

In issue 5 and issue 11 Cyclops is shown destroying guns without harming the hands that hold them.

x-men : cyclops destroys a gun someone is holding

x-men : cyclops destroys a gun in a cop's hand

In issue no. 18, Magneto traps the X-Men inside an upper atmosphere balloon. Here Scott uses his power with surgical skill to create a pin-prick opening in the balloon to gently lower them to the ground - anything more would have the X-Men crashing down.

x-men : optic blast accuracy in a balloon

Still more impressive is when Professor X directs Scott to defuse a bomb with pinpoint accuracy in issue no. 9.

x-men : cyclops precision bomb defuser

These first twenty issues also show Cyclops' weakness: A strong enough expenditure of energy leaves him drained and weakened. The panel below shows a scene from issue 4 were Cyclops blasts a huge engine sending it crashing through a wall. The exertion is such that Cyclops becomes unconscious.

x-men : cyclops blasts an engine and collapses from the strain enlarge

In issue no. 9 is a scene straight out of Titanic as a cruise ship heads for  a lethal collision course with an iceberg. Lucky for them that Cyclops is on board. The exertion once again leaves Scott weakened.

x-men : cyclops weakens after blasting an iceberg

The first twenty issues shows Cyclops having difficulty with faster foes - non-faster than this guy .

x-men : cyclops can't hit quicksilver

Captain America is not superhuman but is as fast as a human can get, Cyclops still struggles against Cap in issue no. 9.

x-men : captain america too fast for cyclops

Are the optic blasts absolutely irresistible? The answer is 'No'. In issue no. 16, the X-Men are captured by the Sentinels and placed in a glass-like enclosure which resists Cyclop's force beam.

x-men : optic blast cannot penetrate sentinel cage

The Juggernaut is the living embodiment of the mystical Crimson Bands of Cytorrak. In issue no. 13, we learn that the Juggernaut cannot be stopped by a direct hit of Cyclop's beam.

x-men : juggernaut not affected by optic blast

For most of the first twenty issues, Cyclops is referred to as Scott Summers. But issue no. 1 reveals that he did have a nickname of sorts - the Professor refers to him as 'Slim' Summers when introducing Jean Grey.

x-men : cyclops referred to as slim summers enlarge

Since he cannot consciously shut off his optic blasts, Cyclops is constantly haunted by the fear of accidentally killing someone. He's got that fear under control these days but during the early years, this fear was defining aspect of his life, casting a heavy shadow and making Scott a gloomy, brooding introvert and very conscious of his eyes. In the panel below Mrs. Worthington, the Angel's mother, admires his 'sunglasses' and begins reaching for them, causing Scott to panic.

x-men : scott panics when mrs. worthington shows interest in his glasses

Two X-men tried to leave during the first twenty issues. One was the Beast who reacted to being nearly lynched by an unthinking crowd. The other was Cyclops who desperately wanted to find a 'cure' for his eyes. This happened in issue no. 20.

x-men : cyclops leaves to have his deadly power cured enlarge

Second to his concern for his eyes was Scott's growing crush on Jean. He keeps saying that he wouldn't condone it because of his eyes. But we've all been teenagers, I think this is just simple nervousness. We have three panels worth of it here.

x-men : cyclops reveals his desire for jean

x-men : cyclops talks himself out of liking jean

x-men : cyclops confesses fondness for jean but says why he cant' follow through

Today, Cyclops stands as the leader of mutantkind. Here's the landmark panel from issue no. 7 when he was first made leader by Professor X.

x-men : professor x makes cyclops the leader of the x-men

And here's how seriously Scott takes that role - manning a lonely vigil with an early version of the mutant-detecting Cerebro.

x-men : cyclops as group leader keeps a lonely vigil enlarge

Dour? Gloomy? Yes he was but Cyclops did have his happy moments. The panel below shows his reaction when the Professor grants his students a vacation.

x-men : cyclops happy at a vacation

Even more surprising is when he cracks a bit of a joke at the end of issue no. 7.

x-men : cyclops makes a funny

And that's the Cyclops we have after the first twenty issues. His contribution to the raw power of the early team is very significant. His level of control over his optic blasts give them an amazing versatility that will only get better with the years. We also see the nascent next-generation leadership of mutantkind in the young Scott Summers. Another thing is that he is extremely depressed, but then again he has a good excuse - he's a teenager!