Airboy 5

If a cover must sell a comic, then this one's a smashing success!

I was attracted to Airboy 5 because of the cover. Just take a look at it; I've got a screenshot of it below.

Since I had it in hand, I might as well read it right? First thing, Chuck Dixon is the writer. Chuck "Nightwing" Dixon. Chuck "Birds of Prey" Dixon. This bodes well for the story and I wasn't disappointed. No amateurish script here, solid dialogue and very engaging. For one thing, we get to see a jet fight a helicopter gunship - I've fantasized about that lots of times and we get to see it here.

So I was reading, enjoying the story and starting to get into it when it all of a sudden, the tale ended, rather, it didn't end - it continues next issue - but the issue ended! What!? I counted the pages - we only have thirteen pages of story. Well, the only way I can explain it is Eclipse is a small publishing house so this was the budgetary load limit. No matter. What is there, is very enjoyable.

The cover artist isn't the same as the interior artist, but Valkyrie still looks great inside in that fetching outfit of hers. Getting tired of Marvel and DC? try an Eclipse.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 6, 2012

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