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Living vicariously through the adventures of a favorite barbarian!

By this time, I have enjoyed so many Kurt Busiek comics that I've equated his name with take-no-prisoners-sure-to-entertain writing. This issue of Conan is no exception.

What makes it even better is Cary Nord, the artist. I swear these pages are painted. Beautifully painted. The figures are impressive enough, but the backgrounds. I could almost feel the cold wind coming down the mountains of Northern Hyboria; and I live in a tropical country.

It gets better, the opening scene is classic fantasy : A village is being attacked, the huts are burning, people are screaming - a terrible slaughter. A woman with a baby runs to the protection of the forest. Too late! She's been seen, overtaken and about to be raped. At this point Conan makes his entrance sword in hand with that grin on his face. How can I resist! I cant, and neither will you.

It's a war between the Vanir and the Aesir - two of the three Northernmost tribes of Hyboria (the other being the Hyperboreans - they'll make their appearance soon but not in this issue). And right in the middle? Our favorite Cimmerian.

I'll say it again, it's 2004 and Conan's back!

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 16, 2012

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