Conan 2

A Robert E. Howard Original by Busiek and Nord

Ah, this is "The Frost Giant's Daughter". There are a lot of great Conan writers, Busiek is a prime example. But the handful of stories by Robert E. Howard are special. One could say, with no offence meant to the other writers, that these are the real Conan stories - original tales by the Master himself.

I've read this story before; in the original short story by Howard and, if I remember correctly, in Marvel's magazine adaptation Savage Sword of Conan. I don't mind reading the same Howard tale again and again because the new set of creators add their particular take on things. Just look at Nord's rendition of the the Frost Giant's daughter on the cover and his rendition of the her brother's inside. Magnificent.

This is a tale that strikes me as having a very "Twilight Zone" ending.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 16, 2012

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