Conan 3

Continuing Conan's adventure in the Hyborian North countries

Back in the first issue of Conan, an Aesir village was raided by the Vanir, there were many funeral fires among the Aesir that day. The Vanir raiders fled and were pursued. It's taken all of three issues, but the pursuit ends here. These barbarians, so much hacking and slashing; but there is a brutal sense of honor among them too, and raw, slightly terrifying courage, as the Vanir leader offers his life in return for an end to the blood feud. He invokes the name of the cold god Ymir (But not as cold as Crom hehehe), and gets an appropriate answer: "Don't talk to me of Ymir, butcher".

What is most fascinating and striking in this issue are the Hyperboreans (Or, hint, what Conan and the rest of the men consider the Hyperboreans). These grey skinned giant hulks are something to see. What are they? Nine or ten feet tall? No matter. Conan, as usual, gives a great accounting of himself in the melee.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 16, 2012

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