Conan 5

All About Hyperborea

If you've been reading the madcap, bigger-than-life adventure stories in comics how tough are mere lions. Lions? Pffah! Not tough at all. That's why I appreciate this issue. It brings back a healthy respect for the big cats. Thanks to Kurt Busiek for writing in lions and to Cary Nord for showing us that the big cats are BIG CATS. The lions that confront Conan at the start are big, ravenous, and dangerous and I love that its so effectively conveyed.

This issue also contains a pocket history of Hyperborea. When you think about sorcery in the Hyborian realms what is the first place that comes to mind? Stygia comes to my mind first and foremost; that Southern land was once inhabited by a serpent race, mysterious and steeped in sorcery. I never gave much thought to sorcery in Hyperborea, though it's gaunt, pale giant race had always seemed, well, different from the others. It turns out that Hyperborea is a place of magicks. It's all laid out here how they managed to get their endless summers, near-immortal lifespans and those giant gray guards of theirs known as Grishnaki.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 16, 2012

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