Hack Slash the Series 1

It's such a nice night, I think I'll go for some blood and gore

Talk about non-boring introductions. The first issue of Hack/Slash the Series meets all expectations. And what to expect when you see a seductively dressed girl with a baseball bat and an ominous shadow in the background? Sexy? Check. Gory? Check. Lots of Action? Check. Hack/Slash the Series punches all the right buttons, if you expect sex + violence entertainment.

I'm hearing a high-pitched, Ms. Piggy-like voice saying : "Oh my gosh no, I don't want such corrupting trash, I want family-oriented comics, I thought there was a Comics Code Authority to ensure such things?". Yeah right. Now put the kids to bed. Turn down the lights; and lets have some Hack/Slash!

What's the worst kind of torture? Answer: The kind when actual body parts are being taken out. The other kind is pain without mutilation. Well, we're getting the bad kind here. Rather, Hack is getting the bad kind. Hack is the great looking girl on the cover and we come upon her being tortured by one the monsters she hunts. He's already taken one of her toes - the other will be taken before the first issue ends. It's that kind of comic. I suppose some people will turn away, but I'm riveted by gory fascination. I won't tell the ending but it's a good one.

You'll also meet someone who'll be Hack's partner in the coming issues - the Meatman, also known as Vlad. Vlad has green skin and a "different" face; he doesn't seem human but I'm not sure. He acts very human. But he's big and tough and Hack needs that kind of firepower. I absolutely love the panel here when he jumps through a window armed with two very large knives and shows us why they call him the Meatman.

In the mood for a gory, fun read? Hack/Slash!

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 9, 2012

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