Hack Slash the Series 7

A lesbian cult sharing a hot tub together

The Tub Club story arc begins in earnest as Tim Seeley takes us to the Franco-Belle College of Women. No time is wasted in the college as we join a group of incredibly sexy lesbians sharing a hot tub together, "enjoying each others company", and, oh yeah, drawing blood from each other by slashing. Yup. This is Hack/Slash alright.

In the meantime, our intrepid pair is on the case. Vlad is getting increasingly annoyed at Cassie who's always on the phone with Georgia. Remember Georgia? The virgin stripper (that's right, virgin stripper) who joined Cassie and Vlad in that extra-dimensional rock star caper in issues 2 to 4.

This issue also shows Cassie going undercover by wearing a midnight blue mask - she looks superhero awesome.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 18, 2012

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