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Ultimate Star Wars

Available from Amazon . The title says it all, Ultimate Star Wars is just that. The most comprehensive resource on Star Wars so far. It can't possibly be everything since the Star Wars story continious to grow in two ways. It is expanding and deepening. The movies serve to deepen the story with every new movie adding wonderful detail. Expansion happens with books and comicbooks where thousands of years of timeline has already been defined, waiting for animated series and movies to deepen and give life to the tale.

Years from now, when more have been added to the Star Wars mythos and Ultimate Star Wars is no longer a comprehensive reference it will still be a valuable piece of Star Wars memorabilia. Even more valuable really since age will bring rarity. From the enjoyment standpoint you and anybody else will still surely enjoy this book. DK has a long history of successfully producing these Star Wars books and their highly visual presentation style is an absolute treat to go through. My personal favorite is anything that has to do with the vehicles of Star Wars, from the Sandspeeder to the Star Destroyer and the hundreds of vehicles in between. I want to know everything! And Ultimate Star Wars delivers. Best of all, information about vehicles is just a subset of the information in Ultimate Star Wars.

Ever wanted the Star Wars universe (so far) in the palm of your hand? Here's your chance.

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