Star Wars Chess

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Chess Set

Available from Amazon . When Emperor Palpatine decided to further the plans of the Sith by destroying the Republic and creating the Empire he also inadvertently created a Star Wars universe that was in a good position to translate into a chess game. Empire vs. Rebels very easily translates into Black vs. White on the board. It isn't a perfect translation though. Both sides in a chess game start with an equal number of forces and the power balance on both sides is also the same. Not so in Star Wars where nearly all assets belong to the Empire, and the power that comes with it. The Rebels must make do with what little they have, stealth and speed their primary weapons.

For purposes of enhancing a Star Wars collection, this chess set is a wonderful display piece. I would suggest taking it out of the box and laying it out like the picture above. Whether it's on a display case with other Star Wars memorabilia or on a table top, the effect of having these Star Wars figures as a chess set will be quite striking.

This set is also a wonderful teaching tool for young chess players. The fact that the Chess pieces are Star Wars characters could add that aspect of fun that would keep their attention while they learn this game of strategy that has been popular since the 11th century.

Whether you've come for chess, or Star Wars, or the striking visual impact of this set, Star Wars Chess is definitely worth your consideration.

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