Star Wars Fine Art

"Imprisioned" Star Wars Limited Edition Fine Art Lithograph by Penelope Gaylord

Available from Amazon . Lithography is a form of printing where the image is first etched on a mold, a lithographic limestome was used during the early days of lithography, these days aluminum is the favored material. The image would then be impressed on paper or cloth. Because of it's nature it is possible to produce a lithographic work in limitless quantity. In the case of fine art pieces, it is possible but not advisable since limiting the run increases the attraction of the piece. Such is the case with this lithograph showing Princess Leia and Jaba the Hutt. Only 295 of these have been made, each one with a certificate of authenticity. Don't misplace the certificate, it is every bit as important as the work itself since it ensures that you've got the real thing.

Looking at the Star Wars movies so far, this is Leia at her sexiest. Unfortunately she's in dire straits, having been enslaved by Jabba the Hutt. If you take a closer look at Leia's face, she's in obvious distress. Still, she cuts an alluring form chains or no chains. The piece is twenty inches across and 16 inches high and will be delivered rolled. Oh yes, one other very important point, this piece was officially licensed by Lucasfilms (and therefore also by the current owner of the franchise, Disney). A solid and attractive addition to your Star Wars collection.

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