Star Wars Poster

Awesome Star Wars: Episode VII the Force Awakens Poster. Super High Quality 24*36" Inch

Available from Amazon . If you're going to get this poster do yourself a favor and spend a bit more to frame it under glass. There's a very real temptation to tape or (gasp!) pin it to your wall and leave it like that. I understand that your enthusiasm for "The Force Awakens" will wane and you'll probably - after a long time - be going to be ditching the poster. The movie is hot now but it won't be hot forever. Point taken. Still. If you frame this, you'll be less likely to throw it away, since a framed poster under glass simply looks nice, and, more importantly, this poster captures your current enthusiasm for this movie. And in the future, when all the hoopla has died down, just looking at this picture will bring back the memory and the feeling of watching "The Force Awakens" for the first time. A poster is as great way to "trap" the good vibes you feel about a movie. But it will only work if the poster will weather the years, that's why you should take the time to frame it under glass.

With that in mind, I recommend this particular version of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster since it is a high definition version - if you're going to keep one for the long haul it might as well be the best.

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