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Revell Model Kit - Star Wars - X-Wing Fighter - 1:29 Scale - 06690 - New

Available from Amazon . Considering that the Star Wars saga now encompsses pre-Republic, Republic, Empire, and New Republic eras, there have been many starfighters. Even so, the X-Wing fighter remains the most iconic. If you do have an X-Wing model and find it too small you're going to love that this one from Revell is nearly two feet long. Details abound so you'll be lifting this big baby up just to look at all the nooks and crannies and all those gorgeous detail. If you've always loved the X-Wing, clear some space because this one is something your going to be proud to display.

Fair warnings, this is a Revell kit. Assembly is required. I don't know about you but I've spent hours lovingly assembling a lot of Revell's other models. If you're the type to consider creating an X-Wing rather than getting one fully assembled from the box then this is definitely for you.

In the world of Star Wars the X-Wing was originally designed by the Incom Corporation under the auspices of Darth Vader's Empire. The Incom people defected to the Rebel Alliance and took the design of the X-Wing with them, thus providing the rebels with their primary space superiority fighter. The X-Wing, unlike their rival TIE fighters, had shields for the pilots - minimizing Rebel loses while the Empire refrained from fixing shields on their fighters in order to lighten weight and increase speed. In attack or 'X' mode four blasters on the wing tips give the X-Wing a large field of fire. Two proton torpedo launchers are also present. Perhaps the most famous feature of X-Wings are the R2 units that help fly the starfighter. The X-Wings continued to be improved well into the New Republic era.

If you've always wanted one, now is the time to treat yourself - or someone you care for - to the Star Wars starfighter.

I want it!

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