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2015 Topps Star Wars 'Journey to the Force Awakens' BLASTER box (10 pk)

Available from Amazon . As it says in the box you'll get ten packs of cards and one patch card. Each pack will have 16 cards. What's a patch card you ask? A patch card has an image of a Star Wars: The Force Awakens character on one side together with a small distinctive patch. The other side of the card has information about the world of Star Wars. Having only one patch card in the entire box means that these cards are rather special and rare. There are only 20 distinct patch cards in a set with 110 cards. If you're more familiar with Magic the Gathering think of the Patch cards as Mythic Rares, Planeswalkers or Zendikar Expeditions (if what I just said blanked you out, never mind).

So what's with these Star Wars cards anyway? Point of fact: When you've seen and enjoyed the movie - or even when you're just anticipating seeing it - you want to own it. And having these cards feels like that - like owning a piece of Star Wars. In this case it would be the latest in the series: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There are Topps cards for the older movies, but those - especially Episode IV: A New Hope cards, are now rare and their prices reflect their rarity. As in graded and slabbed and selling many times their purchase price. Think about that when you break open these cards from the packs.

I want it!

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