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Star Wars : The Golden Age of the Sith

The Golden Age of the Sith Part 0 : Conquest and Unification

What if the Hutt's were nice?

The greatest attraction of The Golden Age of the Sith is that it is part of Star Wars history. From the vantage point of Dark Horse comics, it occupies a special place in that history - the very beginning. The events here happen five thousand years before our most familiar Star Wars event; the arrival of Luke Skywalker. (Note : I have since learned that there are two more stories from Dawn of the Jedi that predate even this ancient tale by twenty-five thousand years!).

The specific point in history that issue 0 focuses on is the latter part of the the formation of what will become known as the Empress Teta System - seven allied worlds under the Republic.

We meet our protagonists, the Daragon siblings, and another surprising character. Aarba the Hutt, he's nowhere near being like Jabba; he's nice. A nice Hutt, how about that?

The Golden Age of the Sith Part 1 : Into the Unknown

The Star Wars universe already have Jedi five thousand years ago, they also have poverty

We get a good view of the starship, Starbreaker 12 here and it looks surprisingly primitive; almost like it was built of bamboo sticks and canvas, yet this is a vehicle that can do space jumps. Still, it's a far cry from the Millenium Falcon.

starbreaker 12

I also noticed that the lightsabers the Jedi of this age use have wires running to power packs tied to their waists.

ancient lightsabers

The comic is full of details like this that support the fact that this is an ancient Star Wars tale.

I am struck by something timeless though : poverty. Gav and Jori Daragon are trying to make a living and failing at it. They have sold their house and are living on Starbreaker 12. Soon they lose even that and have to live in the street. This downward spiral is effectively told and rendered and builds instant empathy with readers. Plus it explains perfectly why the pair do what they do at the end.

The Golden Age of the Sith Part 2 : Funeral of a Dark Lord

Read this to bolster your Sith trivia knowledge

Ah, this is great. Spot question: Why are Sith Lords called Sith Lords? Answer : Because when they were exiled from the Republic they conquered a race called the Sith and took their name from that race. It's all here in issue 2.

The Sith civilization of that time is clearly modelled after ancient Egyptian civilisation. Prepare for monumental statues and edifices. I particularly like the fierce creatures the Dark Jedi use to guard their tombs.

planet korriban

We are also made aware of a pure and half-blood caste among the Sith as some of them have maintained the old blood line and others have intermingled with the conquered Sith.

Open the pages and you'll be just in time for the funeral of a Dark Lord.

The Golden Age of the Sith Part 3 : The Fabric of an Empire

Dark Deeds Among the Dark Lords

Beyond the Sith tombs of last issue we now come upon the Sith castles, located in their various homeworlds.

sith castle

Lots of great details to look at, none stranger than the Sith Lord Simus. Lord Simus challenged for the position of Dark Lord some time ago. He lost, getting beheaded by his opponent, but Lord Simus draws upon his power to keep himself alive. So now Lord Simus still participates as a Sith Lord, having a servant of his carry his head around. It's both creepy and cool at the same time.

lord simus of the sith

With the arrival of Gav and Jori, memories of the Republic they left are reawakened among the Sith. Half of them want nothing to do with it. The other half want to come back for another attempt to conquer the Republic. The tactics and moves of both sides come into play in this issue.

The Golden Age of the Sith Part 4 : Pawns of a Sith Lord

Strike and counterstrike as Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow battle for the destiny of the Sith - and the Republic

The creation of a Sith Dark Lord involves being stung by a scorpion in the forehead. Okay.

It's all out battle between two competing Sith factions, that of Naga Sadow - who wants new worlds to conquer - and Ludo Kressh - who wants nothing to do with the Republic.

The Golden Age of the Sith Part 5 : The Flight of Starbreaker 12

Sith + Jedi, the connection is made

What I've been anticipating for some time now has come at last. The link between the Republic and the Sith worlds is established this issue by the Starbreaker 12.

Read how Naga Sadow snatches victory from the jaws of defeat and prepare the Sith for a return to the Republic. This is not the end, it's the beginning.

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