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Three Reasons Why I Like Supermarket

Reason 1 : Money

I don't think I've ever read a comic that is more realistic about money than Supermarket. It starts from a premise that we all know to be true : Every move we make in the modern world costs money. It's just nice to hear that truism. But Supermarket goes beyond, it shows people's behavior about money depending on who they are. You'll learn what makes a convenience store buyer shell out a fifty dollar donation. You'll get the backgrounder about how different neighborhoods are segregated according to tax bracket and what those places are like - including a hotel room costing more than 2 grand a night. Money is as strong a reality in the world of Supermarket as it is in ours.

Reason 2 : Yakuza + Swedish Porn Industry

Yup. By the way, the Swedish Porn Industry is as deadly as organized crime. These two groups control a tremendous amount of capital. The protagonist of Supermarket is Pella and she is wanted by both powerful organizations, so get ready for some smoking/gun-toting Yakuza and half-naked Swedish porn goddesses in all out action. Oh yeah. All this plus import tuner a la Fast & Furious versus Mercedes Benz. Oh yeah.

Reason 3 : The Ending

Well, I'm not about to ruin the ending other than to say I wish it would happen to us.

I went through the four-issue Supermarket in under thirty minutes, maybe even twenty. Why? Because the comics made me do it. The pacing is frantic and I had a bad case of what-will-happen-next page-turning blues. After reading, I looked up and said: "I'll tell people about this book in my site". So there.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 3, 2012

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