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The Pro

The Pro

I am reading the Pro because the Pro is a superhero who is also a hooker.

Fittingly enough, the Pro begins with somebody giving somebody else a blowjob.

The Pro : bj scene

It turns out it's our would-be hero in the middle of her night job. I'm thinking there's a huge chance of actual porn panels in this comic (Turns out I'm wrong, but the panels are naughty enough). Anyway, the job turns out to be a total fail because the jerk of a client doesn't only stiff her on the fee but begins opening fire!

The Pro : the pro being shot

So she goes home. But before that she picks up her baby. When I was reading this, I pretty much let the detail of the baby slide. Obviously, the single mom situation made her life more challenging. In the manner of all good comics I found myself thinking about it at odd moments later on. I wondered what made her continue with the pregnancy in spite of the obvious burden it would place on her? Alternatively, why didn't she just get the baby adopted? I mean when she went out to work at night she had to pay a grudging neighbor to babysit. and look at this

The Pro : baby with soiled diapers

Not changing a baby's diapers is unhygienic, disgusting and just plain mean. Seeing as she left the baby with her neighbor all night and the neighbor just doesn't care, the child could have been stewing in his own poo for hours. That's child abuse right there.

Because of her really tired looking face coupled with her chain smoking and her job, I expected the Pro's bod to be a bit worn. But actually she's got a great body.

The Pro : pro in undies

Enter the alien that would be giving our hero her powers - the Viewer. Although that's not what his assistant calls him.

The Pro : the viewer

I love that assistant. The Viewer reminds me more of Marvel's the Watcher.

So the next day the Pro wakes up with super strength, flying - and although its not immediately shown - invincibility. The Viewer informs the resident super-team of a new hero in their midst. This team, the League of Honor, is obviously inspired by the Justice League. I could show a shot of the League but there's plenty of time to get into that later. Let's just have a naughty shot of the Pro yet again.

The Pro : pro about to suckle

So these other heroes are trying to recruit her and she brings up a very practical point - money. She's right, you know? If she's going to give all this time and effort, not to mention put her life in danger, she has to be compensated. Besides, what will she live on? How can something so basic never come up in the Justice League or Titan stories? Members of the Avengers have an allowance from Tony Stark and free lodgings - at least the Bronze Age team did. I have no idea what the current arrangement is for the current Avengers, Avengers Academy, Mighty Avengers, New Avengers etc. . .

So she becomes part of the team and they give her an outfit that is a mish-mash of old costumes just lying around in storage. The resultant costume reminds me of Power Girl. Do you know how many times I've read Power Girl wishing we'd get a nipple peek? I'm loving the Pro.

The Pro : nipple peek

Very entertainingly naughty so far, but here is when it really gets wild.

The League takes on the stupidest named villains ever: The Noun, The Verb, The Adverb and the Adjective. They're particularly evil sounding if you failed your English class.

So the action begins and the Pro gets hit by the Noun. It's pretty standard fight fare but not the the Pro who is mortified and lashes back out. She pummels the Verb and . . .

The Pro : a new beatdown

. . . drops her drawers and pees on her. Yes . . . in front of the assembled diplomats of the U.N on 'Bring Your Kids To Work' day.

Decades of reading comics and I've never seen anything like this. The heck with the Comics Code Authority I'm loving this craziness!

As a comic, the Pro is very over-the-top and crazy, but the snide comments do form a critique of some of the stronger tropes in superhero comics. They serve to deepen the work and push it away from getting labeled as a spoof book. No comment deeper than the Pro's critique about superheroes. Let's listen in . . .

The Pro : some serious discussion

It's logical isn't it? If you think about it, the Justice League could end world hunger singlehandedly - but they don't. Not that I blame DC. I wouldn't allow such a move either. DC's Earth would become unrecognizable to us, damaging the reader's ability to empathize with the stories, leading to a drop in sales. Unleashed, Superman would fix the world so fast he wouldn't go beyond five issues.

Now we get to the part when the Pro hunts down that lunatic 'john' that was shooting at her at the start of the comic. What does she do to him? Well, she gathers all his former victims and they're lining up in the scene over here.

The Pro : hookers' revenge

What's actually being done to him is not shown; he's on the extreme right. Later on in the comic, we have the guy commenting that he's going to need thirty operations just to reconstruct his asshole. I'll leave that to your imagination.

Here's the Pro with lots of money.

The Pro : counting the cash

If you had powers would you monetize it? Yup. I would too. I thought she robbed a bank or something but that just shows my unreasonable negative bias against sex workers. Namely, that sex workers have no morals. The Pro has morals, you see it again and again as the tale unfolds. She is not the kind of person that would steal anything. She earned all the money doing superfast blowjobs (notice the bruised knees from kneeling).

Speaking of blowjobs, here's the Pro doing the Saint - the League's version of Superman.

The Pro : saint taking the edge off


Here's the Saint shooting his wad.

The Pro : super wad

Oh Yeah!

Here's the Saint's wad hitting an airliner and taking out its wings.

The Pro : plane in trouble


Here's Superman, I mean the Saint, saving a bunch of people without his pants on.

The Pro : the saint in trouble

Here's the Saint's answer on being asked by the League if he really wanted that blowjob in the first place.

The Pro : lying

Here's the look the Pro gives his lying face.

The Pro : still lying

I am thoroughly loving this comic.

The whole thing has been fantastic hasn't it? How does Ennis end something like this?

With the death of the Pro.

They're up against terrorists. A bomb has been armed but the Pro has her hand on the trigger mechanism - she can't let go without it going off. So what she does is she flies off into space and detonates the bomb and sacrificing herself in the process.

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