Posted - March 21, 2014

Gruul Adventures 2: The Wrath of the Red Witch

The Gruul Wilding Aura Edition(G) returns, this time against the mono red deck called Nissa the Red Witch(R).

Note: Both sides get 40 life each to stretch out the narrative.

It is not a surprise that the Gruuls have decided to conduct a raid on the mountains inhabited by Nissa the Red Witch and her ilk.

It is equally unsurprising that Nissa has prepared a warm welcome for them. Nissa conjures a Spark Elemental to rampage through the Gruul ranks. The creature causes some damage but no deaths. The Gruul forge on.

Gameplay: Spark Elemental(R) enters and attacks. 3 damage.(G37-R40)

Gameplay: Regathan Firecat(R) enters.

In the distance, the Gruul see that they are being stalked by a cat beast that seems to be made of molten rock and fire. The Regathan Firecat is staying just beyond the range of any stones the Gruuls can throw at it.

A commotion breaks out among the Gruul ranks, as their attention, up until this time preoccupied with the Firecat, has now been drawn to the top of a rocky promontory. There she stands, her crimson garb and fiery eyes - Nissa the Red Witch. Of a sudden she raises her arm and Flames erupt to scour the Gruul ranks - the Flames of the Firebrand.

Gameplay: Flames of the Firebrand(R). 3 damage.(G34-R40)

The distraction affords the Regathan Firecat the opportunity to strike.

Gameplay: Regathan Firecat(R) attacks. 4 damage.(G30-R40)

Gameplay: Sparkmage Apprentice(G) enters. 1 damage.(G30-R39)

Nissa's flames are answered by lightning from one of the Sparkmage Apprentices.

Gameplay: Battering Craghorn(R) enters.

Besides Nissa, one of her creatures appears - a Battering Craghorn.

The Regathan Firecat pounces again, doing damage to the Gruuls with its fiery form.

Gameplay: Regathan Firecat(R) attacks. 4 damage.(G26-R39)

I want my MTG!

A Gruul druid casts the Oath of the Ancient Wood, summoning the power of the forests into the mountains. This power the druid directs to strengthen a Sparkmage Apprentice as he hurls his bolts directly at the Red Witch.

Gameplay: Oath of the Ancient Wood(G). +1 to Sparkmage Apprentice.

Gameplay: Sparkmage Apprentice(G) attacks. 2 damage.(G26-R37)

To strike at the Red Witch with fire and lightning is not wise. She calls forth the sorcery called Wrack with Madness and the smitten Sparkmage Apprentice hurls himself from the mountain to his death.

Gameplay: Wrack with Madness(R). Target creature damages itself with its power.

The Craghorn joins the Firecat and they charge into the Gruul ranks, scattering the invaders.

Gameplay: Regathan Firecat(R) attacks. 4 damage.(G22-R37)

Gameplay: Battering Craghorn(R) attacks. 3 damage.(G19-R37)

The Gruuls compress, back to back, facing their foes. From their ranks a Viashino warrior stands forth - the Bloodscale Prowler voices his challenge.

Gameplay: Bloodscale Prowler(G) enters.

In answer to that challenge, a loud rumbling is heard and the Gruuls spy an elemental of stone - a Cobblebrute.

Gameplay: Cobblebrute(R) enters.

Gameplay: Regathan Firecat(R) attacks. 4 damage.(G15-R37)

Gameplay: Battering Craghorn(R) attacks. 3 damage.(G12-R37)

Even as the Firecat and the Craghorn renew their depradations, a Gruul druid weaves a spell called the Fencer's Magemark to strengthen the Bloodscale Prowler.

Gameplay: Bloodscale Prowler(G) + Fencer's Magemark

Unfortunately for the Gruuls, the enchantment is to no avail. From the heights, Nissa unleashes a spell called Turn to Slag.

Gameplay: Turn to Slag(R). 5 damage to target creature.

It reduces the Bloodscale to cinders.

Gameplay: Regathan Firecat(R) attacks. 4 damage.(G8-R37)

Gameplay: Battering Craghorn(R) attacks. 3 damage.(G5-R37)

Gameplay: Cobblebrute(R) attacks. 5 damage.(G0-R37)

Their ranks broken and many of them dead, the Gruul flee the Red Mountain, as they run they hear the mocking laugher of Nissa the Red Witch.

I want my MTG!