Posted - March 21, 2014

Gruul Adventures 3: Return to Red Mountain

Gruul Wilding Aura Edition(G) rematch with mono red Nissa the Red Witch(R) deck.

The place is Skarrg, the Rage Pits. The occasion is another Gruul gathering. As usual, the revelry is marked by excess, violence and savagery. In th midst of all this, there is also grumbling. Mostly about the humiliating defeat of the Gruuls when they tried to invade Nissa's mountain. The memory is bitter enough for the Gruuls to attempt a second raid.

Gameplay: Erratic Explosion(R). 1 damage.(G39-R40)

Shortly after the Gruuls enter Nissa's territory they encounter a ball of flame bouncing down from the heights. They know no good can come of it and take cover but not in time. The ball of flame explodes and the Erratic Explosion does some damage.

Yet another warm welcome from Nissa.

Gameplay: Fires of Undeath(R) countered by Druid's Deliverance(G).

Next, a cloud of green flame, the poisonous Fires of Undeath, threaten the Gruul band, but as it rolls in, a Gruul druid casts a shimmering green wall of protection, the Druid's Deliverance protects the Gruuls and the savages howl their approval.

Gameplay: Bloodscale Prowler(G) enters.

Gameplay: Chandra's Outrage(R). 4 damage to creature and 2 damage to player.(G37-R40)

Shortly after, red flame goes through the Gruul horde. This time there is no protection as a Bloodscale Prowler is consumed and many others are hurt.

Unfazed, the ragtag horde pushes on in grim determination.

Gameplay: Gruul Scrapper(G) enters.

Gameplay: Wrack with Madness(R). Creature killed with its own power.

Suddenly, the air glows with eldritch energy as a sickly yellow miasma converges on the Gruul Scrapper. In the throes of the Wrack with Madness, the Gruul Scrapper - like the Sparkmage Apprentice during the Gruul's first sortie in these mountains - throws himself over a deep gorge. Silence follows that fatal plunge.

Gameplay: Scorched Rusalka(G) enters.

Gameplay: Flames of the Firebrand(R). 3 damage distributed between Scorched Rusalka and player.(G35-R40)

The air shimmers yet again and the Gruuls brace themselves for another attack but it is one of their own who arrives - the restless spirit known as the Scorched Rusalka. Almost as soon as she manifests, she is consumed by the Flames of the Firebrand. The mystic flames wound many others among the band.

Gameplay: Hero of Leina Tower(G) enters with +3 power.

The onslaught is too much - a reminder of the last time they were on this mountain. The bravado and brew of the revelry of Skarrg is fading fast. Even the Gruul's stubborn courage and bestial savagery begins to flag. The group is on the verge of turning back, leaving Nissa and her accursed mountain forever.

But one among them stands fast. The Hero of Leina Tower exhorts and shames the others to go on.

Gameplay: Academy Raider(R) enters.

Night falls and the Gruuls find themselves in the midst of the mountain forest they went through before. Unknown to them, they are being watched by the Academy Raider - an enchanted warrior who cannot be detected - a ghost in the moonlight.

Gameplay: Minotaur Skullcleaver(R) attacks. 4 damage.(G31-R40)

Gameplay: Fall of the Hammer(G). Rival creature is forced to fight.

The Raider is not the only one who cannot be sensed, as, without warning, a Minotaur Skullcleaver bursts from the trees, battleaxe raised. Soon the minotaur is trading blows with the Hero of Leina Tower. The warrior woman shows her prowess as she cuts down the minotaur. Her fellows roar in triumph, all thoughts of turning back forgotten.

Gameplay: Maze Runner(R) attacks. 6 damage. Blocked by Hero of Leina Tower.

What happens next happens so fast that not one of the Gruuls save the Hero of Leina Tower can react. There is a blinding flash and the fiery Elemental known as the Maze Rusher is upon them. The Hero of Leina Tower is its target. The Hero falters initially but manages to counter the Rusher's fiery claws. The match is too even, both the Hero and the Rusher perish by each other's hands.

Gameplay: Academy Raider(R) attacks. 1 damage.(G30-R40)

Gameplay: Academy Raider(R) attacks. 1 damage.(G29-R40)

While the Rusher was attacking the Academy Raider begins an assault from a different side, wounding many of the Gruul.

Gameplay: Bolt of Keranos(G) is cast. 3 damage against Academy Raider.

Three Sparkmage Apprentices combine their powers and casts the Bolt of Keranos. The red bolt strikes the Academy Raider dead. The Gruul mages think it fitting that one of Nissa's own dies by the power of a red spell.

Onwards ever onwards, the Gruuls go. Every step takes them nearer to the mountain village they seek to raid. Soon they find themselves in the place where they met with such defeat during their last trek into the mountains. Here the mountain forest begins to thin then to eventually give way to a flat expanse of sandstone with limestone boulders jutting out of the ground in several places. Across the moonlit expanse is the village - the prize the Gruuls are craving for. To one side is a familiar rocky cliff, the Gruuls look to the heights nervously for the shadow of Nissa.

The band stops short of leaving the forest shelter. Deeper into the trees the Gruul druids and shamans conduct a creation ritual. Soon the forest vegetation move and form an elemental creature - a Bramble Elemental.

Gameplay: Bramble ElementalG) enters.

Gameplay: Turn to Slag(R) is cast. 5 damage to Bramble Elemental.

As soon as the elemental shambles out of the forest, a jet of fire smashes into it. The spell known as Turn to Slag incinerates the creature.

I want my MTG!

The other Gruuls stay out of the open expanse as the druids and shamans once again conjure a Bramble Elemental.

Gameplay: Bramble ElementalG) enters.

Gameplay: Scourge of Geier Reach(R) enters.

Gameplay: Bramble ElementalG) + Wurmweaver Coil. Produces two Saprolings.

A Gruul shaman casts a spell on the Elemental that surrounds it in green crackling energy.

As the Bramble Elemental shambles into the flats, it is met by an equally fearsome creature - the elephant-like flame elemental known as the Scourge of Geier Reach.

Gameplay: Two SaprolingsG) enter.

From the forest, the druids send out two Saprolings. The plant creatures move to support the Bramble Elemental.

Gameplay: Bramble Elemental(G) attacks. 10 damage.(G29-R30)

Gameplay: 1 Saproling(G) attacks. 1 damage.(G29-R29)

Gameplay: Wall of Fire(R) enters.

Gameplay: Scourge of Geier Reach(R) attacks. 3 damage. Blocked by Saproling.

With a savage fury, the Bramble Elemental crashes into the Scourge together with one Saproling. The enchantment prevents the Bramble Elemental from bursting into flame as it hits the Scourge but a Saproling is immediately consumed by flame.

A loud woosh signals the appearance of a Wall of Flame around the village.

Gameplay: Wurmweaver Coil(G) sacrificed. Wurm creature created and enters.

From the forest, a Gruul chanting is heard. The eldritch energy surrounding the Bramble Elemental separates from the creature and forms into a giant wurm made of green energy.

Gameplay: Bramble Elemental(G) equipped with Butcher's Cleaver.

Further, the Gruuls unwrap the enchanted cleaver of their leader Borborygmos. The mages transfer the cleaver's power to the Bramble Elemental.

Gameplay: Wurm Creature(G) attacks. 6 damage.(G29-R23)

Gameplay: Bramble Elemental(G) attacks. 7 damage.(G29-R16)

Gameplay: Scourge of Geier Reach(R) attacks. 3 damage. Blocked by Saproling.

The remaining Saproling bursts into flames when it attacks the lumbering Scourge.

Gameplay: Bramble Elemental(G) + Fists of Ironwood. Creates 4 Saprolings.

Gameplay: 4 Saprolings(G) enters.

The Gruul druids conjure four more Saprolings. The plant creatures rush to join the fray.

Gameplay: Wurm Creature(G) attacks. 6 damage. Blocked by Wall of Fire.

The Wurmweaver coil smashes into the Wall of Fire. The energy creature extinguishes the flaming wall.

Gameplay: Bramble Elemental(G) attacks. 7 damage.(G29-R9)

Gameplay: 3 Saproling(G) attack. 3 damage.(G29-R6)

Another Saproling perishes in the flames of the Scourge. The Bramble Elemental slams into the fire creature staggering it. The Bramble Elemental is now partially on fire.

Gameplay: Gutternsipe(R) enters.

Near the village, the goblin known as the Guttersnipe watches balefully - mute witness for his mistress.

Gameplay: Scourge of Geier Reach(R) attacks. 3 damage. Blocked by Saproling.

Another Saproling sacrifices itself to the flames of the Scourge of Geier Reach.

Gameplay: Arachnus Web(G) cast on Scourge of Geier Reach. Creature below 4 power cannot block or attack.

A female druid steps forth and casts the restraining Arachnus Web. The magical webs envelope the Scourge of Geier Reach and holds it fast.

Gameplay: Bramble Elemental(G) attacks. 7 damage.(G29-R0)

For a final time the Bramble Elemental crashes into the Scourge. The clash destroys both elementals.

With a mighty roar, the Gruul surge forth from the forest and cross the rocky expanse to claim their prize.

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