I had a hard time trying to describe the mystique of Batman until I saw the cover of ‘Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader’.  The centerpiece of that cover was the child Bruce Wayne surrounded by his murdered parents. I realized that Batman did not stand for every victim, Batman stood for the most innocent victims of all, not necessarily children, but the helpless, the naïve; surprised and violated by a brutal world.  Everybody grows up and loses their innocence, and it’s a jarring moment when we realize that the  world is a terrible place. A violent moment.  A violence typified by a child seeing the gun-slaying of his parents. But we move on, we endure and survive the ordeal. If there is somebody to blame who is beyond our reach, we grit our teeth, damn them to hell, and move on. But what if we could fight back? Become better then ourselves, better and smarter than anybody else. What if we are in a position to avenge? To protect? Wouldn’t it be grand to be able to fight the darkness? Wouldn’t it be grand to be . . . .  Batman?

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