Scott Summers has the ability to project crimson beams of concussive force from his eyes. No heat, just pure force. Depending on how he controls it, these optic blast can be so soft as to knock over a paper cup or powerful enough to blow holes through the ground. His eyes project these force whether he wants them to or not. And therein lies Scott's biggest problem - his great concern about his potential to accidentally harm others. Ruby quartz glasses and intense training as an X-Man hold his power in check.

Of all the X-Men's leaders, Cyclops stands in the forefront. The leader of the original team of X-Men and all subsequent teams. During the days following the events of House of M Cyclops stands as the one true leader of mutantkind - vindicating Charles Xavier's earlier assessment of his 'most powerful X-Man'.

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X-Men Foundations : Cyclops

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