Fantastic Four

Earth! Air! Water! Fire! These are the Fantastic Four! That’s what they are – symbols for the four classical elements. Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) with his pliable and stretchable body is water. Sue Richards (Invisible Woman) is air.  Fiery Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) is Fire. And the rock-like Thing, Benjamin Grimm, is earth.

I feel that Reed’s intellect merits special mention all its own. It’s because of Reed’s scientific prowess that the four can live in the top five floors of the Baxter Building and have access to such lavish technology. If Reed wasn’t so smart they’d be living off some shack somewhere. Reed Richard’s inventions, together with the creations of Tony Stark, form the technological bedrock of the Marvel Universe. One of the more ubiquitous Richards creations is the costume made of unstable molecules – damage resistant material pervasive among Marvel’s hero community.

This is also the First Family of Marvel. First to be published during the Silver Age of comics. I’ve read the first twenty issues and the first annual  in Marvel’s Essential Fantastic Four volume one where I could see the foundations of the Marvel Universe being built by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby with every issue.

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