Legion of Super-Heroes

legion of super-heroes

Note : The picture above does not show the entire Legion. This is from Jover's Photomanipulations Page

I bought Legion of Super-Heroes because no other superhero book had as many heroes as LSH. Later on, when I became conscious of money, more heroes seemed like more bang for the buck. I also had the good fortune to read during a time when Levitz and Giffen were working on the books – their run would eventually be acknowledged as legendary.  I realize that the names are being made fun of these days but, at the time, the names were magic: Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Princess Projectra - ok, it's still magic.  And Colossal Boy, he was the most gigantic hero I knew – bigger than Hank Pym’s Giant-Man or Bill Foster’s Goliath. And Wildfire, all energy under that suit.  And I really loved the costumes on  the women. Dawnstar. Oboy. Princess Projectra. Wow. And my absolute favorite Laura Kent.

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The Best of Legion of Super-Heroes

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