Disney once published a set of hardcovers called The Wonderful World of Knowledge. One of those volumes focused on mythology and in that mythology book there was a section on Norse Mythology. Great writeup, beautiful pictures but the most striking where the set design paintings of Richard Wagner operas - primarily those with scenes about Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods. This is how I got hooked into the dark, brooding and fatalistic religion of the ancient Vikings.

I got into Thor because it was based on those old myths. On top of this foundation, Thor is the beneficiary of the creative powers of numerous writers and artists - his tales, and his universe, gets richer every passing year.

Thor may be Marvel's strongest character. The fact that I'm not sure if it's Thor or Hulk, and Marvel has not given us a definitive answer, is just part of the joys of the Marvel Universe. Let's just say Thor is in the running as the major powerhouse of his comics universe. That means you can expect feats of strength and power in his comicbooks that is of the highest level. Indeed, Thor is one of those characters who do very well when part of a 'cosmic' storyline. These are usually tales who require participants on the upper end of the power scale.

Add to that his Shakespearean speech-pattern, his mystic Uru hammer, the various pantheons of gods 'adopted' by the Marvel Universe, and Marvel's own deep cosmic landscape plus the Avengers and a good Thor comic becomes a great way to while away the time.

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