Posted - November 26, 2017

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All-Star Squadron No. 7
Carnage for Christmas

All-Star Squadron No. 7

We are introduced to the German "mystery man" Baron Blitzkrieg. He's not in Germany though, he's in the U.S., most likely up to some mischief.

baron blitzkrieg in the u.s.

He and his cohorts are planning the assassination of Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt during a supposedly secret meeting between the two men on American soil. In truth no such meeting ever came to pass - certainly not during this part of the war when Germany was still winning - a trans-Atlantic journey with the Prime Ministe would simply be too risky no matter how secret.

Speaking of security breaches, the Atom manages to circumvent the White House's defenses to pay FDR a late night visit.

atom visits fdr

The President recalls the time the Atom saved his life . . .

fdr talking

. . . and the time he suggested the formation of the JSA.

fdr talking about the jsa

It was also FDR who suggested the creation of the All-Star Squadron.

We get a capsule explanation of the activities of the disbanded JSA.

what the disbanded jsa has been doing
what the disbanded jsa has been doing

FDR surprises the Atom by revealing that the rest of the active All-Star Squadron is in the White House.

all-star squadron in the white house

FDR informs the All-Stars that Churchill will be arriving and there is a plot against the Prime Minister. The Squadron has been tasked to protect the British leader.

all-star squadron running like children

The Shining Knight, Hawkgirl and - strangely - the non-flier Liberty Belle, patrol the Atlantic skies.

shining knight, liberty belle, and hawgirl patrolling the atlantic

Firebrand (in the car) and Johnny Quick are on ground patrol.

firebrand and johnny quick on the road

On guard duty are Atom and Robotman.

That's right Atom, you've got a - you know, something that Robotman is surely missing.

Getting back to the Churchill job, the Nazis manage to get pass the All-Star Squadron as the H.M.S. York, carrying Winston Churchill, is bombed.

Robotman reveals an ability that allows him to see a Submarine under water.

robotman sees a submarine

The airborne All-Stars spot a U-boat and Liberty Belle heroically wraps a steel cable around its conning tower.

liberty lassos a sub

Meanwhile, inside the British destroyer Captain Blitzkrieg confronts Winston Chuchill with his doppelganger.

churchill meets churchill

Back outside, an entire U-boat has been hauled on shore, primarily through the strength of Robotman.

a u-boat hauled to shore

When the crew clambers out the All-Star Squadron launches into action.

all-star squadron fighting the german navy

What a fierce crew. i would think that upon realization that their entire sub has been hauled out of the water, these guys would surely be going on shore with their hands up.

With a Nazi robot taking Churchill's place, the meeting occurs and the bomb goes off!

a nazi bombs goes off

Fortunately, it wasn't the real FDR either.

groggy plastic man

The real Churchill is to be squirreled away by car by Baron Blitzkrieg. Fortunately Robotman is on to the kidnapping.

robotman lifting a car

It's Robotman vs. Baron Blitzkrieg.

robotman fighting baron blitzkrieg

The Baron takes to the air but he is pursued.

baron blitzkrieg flying

Blitzkrieg drops Churchill . . .

baron blitzkrieg drops churchill

. . . and manages to strike the Shining Knight before mounting an escape.

baron blitzkrieg escaping

The real meeting occurs with no incident.

meeting between fdr and churchill

Christmas is spent at the White House as Roy Thomas gives Churchill a speech that would have done the real Churchill proud.

christmas at the white house

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