Posted - October 22, 2017

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Doctor Strange (2015) No. 5
Pound of Flesh

Doctor Strange 2015 no. 5

Another flashback.

doctor strange knocking at the sanctum

What a panel. It is late at night and Stephen Strange is knocking on his own door waiting for Wong to open it. He is bleeding on the steps. To say that he looks bad is an understatement.

doctor strange beaten up

In whatever adventure he has involved himself in he has seen it fit to use Atlantean Black Magic. The foul craft has cost him his eyes. Mysteriously, Stephen keeps asking to be brought to the cellar then promptly passes out. Whatever it is in the cellar is not to Wong's liking. Wong DOES NOT take him to the cellar. Does something else. The next day . . .

doctor strange waking up in the morning

The takeaway here is that Stephen thinks he was brought to the cellar. He wasn't and Wong doesn't let him know that.

Now we have to stop and recall the previous issues where time and again it was repeated that casting spells and dabbling in magic always has a cost. With that this image.

the secret servants of strange

The floaters are known as the Secret Disciples of Strange. Wong set them up to pay the price of magic for Stephen Strange. This is a retcon and what a retcon it is. This could have been going on for a long time. All those spells we've seen Stephen cast; the price of all those spells. These guys have been paying them. Wong set this up without Stephen's knowledge. Stephen is NOT going to be happy about this - at least that's my bet.

While Wong is in the Himalayas with the Secret Disciples the Empirikul attack and the battle is joined.

the secret servants of strange and wong prepare to fight the empirikul

The casualties are significant to say the least.

The Empirikul have these robot guys but they also use these armored wolves. Then they ahve these globe things with the tentacles. You know what those remind me of? The squid things in The Matrix.

Next up on the Empirikul attack list is the Bar With No Doors. Chondu and Monako defending.

chondu and monako

I hope they come out alright.

Remember those armored wolves? Stephen is still in the Temple of Watoomb and the wolves are upon him.

empirikul wolves attack doctor strange

During the middle of this, Stephen's magic starts failing him. It's like you're in the middle of a road race and your car begins to sputter. There is one thing that still works for Doctor Strange though: The Eye of Agamotto!

doctor strange uses the eye of agamotto against the wolves

Japanese quality ladies and gentlemen.

The Empirikul surround the Sanctum.

empirikul forces surround the sanctum sanctorum

Stephen calls on the costly Atlantean Black Magic. To be fair, IT IS very effective.

empirikul forces are destroyed by atlanean black magic

>The attack has not only been in the Himalayas, the Bar With No Doors, and the Sanctum - it's been worldwide. Thankfully this initial invasion has been effectively repulsed.

It is only the first wave though. The Empirikul are here.

arrival of the empirikul

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