Posted - November 20, 2017

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JSA No. 60
Redemption Lost Part 1

JSA No. 60

Let's journey back in time to 1953. A time when the first Mr. Terrific was still very much alive.

the original mr. terrific

A time when Mr. Terrific's nemesis - and the foe who would eventually kill him - the Spirit King, was assailed by the Spirit of Vengeance.

the spectre comes for roger romaine

Fast forward to the present. To a clinic run by Dr. Mid-Nite and his asistant Ice Sickle.

dr. mid-nite and ice sickle

Question, if the doctor and his assistant looked like that, would you really go to this clinic?

Nevermind with the answer. Let's just go join Hourman, the Flash and Green Lantern as they go on a binge run against some costumed baddies. Look at the that smile on Hourman's face.

hourman in action with a smile

First on the list is Rag Doll.

hourman, the flash, and green lantern take down rag doll

I love how Green Lantern is putting them in blister packages labelled 'Thug'.

GL and the Flash want to call it a night but Hourman wants to keep on going. He doesn't have a secret identity to return to anymore so it's one more Miraclo pill and off he goes.

hourman off to action as green lanterna and flash watch

Next, we look at kids touring the JSA museum. Here Wildcat tries to cool off some rowdies while Power Girl looks on.

wildcat and power girl with some school kids

An emergency finds the JSA around the body of Ice Sickle.

heroes surround the body of ice sickle

It turns out Dr. Mid-Nite is a christian while Mr. Terrific is, well, not exactly a skeptic, he's just disinterested in religion.

mr. terrific the skeptic

The discussion takes a more interesting tone as they talk about the new host of the Spectre.

hal jordan as spectre talking to a priest

Corrigan, around since the 40s, has finally served his time and is resting in peace. Hal Jordan, the Silver-Age Green Lantern, is the new host of the Spectre, and, as we shall see later, this will cause some problems.

Did I say 'later'? I meant 'now'.

spectre hal having a seizure

So what is happening? Simply, the Spectre is the Spirit of Vengeance, but Hal, feeling enormous guilt from his time as Parallax, wants nothing to do with vengeance and wants to re-create the Spectre as a Spirit of Redemption. Normally, the Spectre won't have a problem with this, he'll simply overwhelm and overrule his human host. But this is Hal Jordan, the former Green Lantern, meaning his willpower is quite formidable.

As the issue closes, the Spirit King reveals himself.

the spirit king

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