Posted - November 20, 2017

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Justice Society of America (1991) No. 1
Beware the Savage Skies

justice society of america (1991) no. 1

Ted Knight, Starman, is about to formally open an observatory. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned and he contacts an old friend.


We'll get a lot of Jay Garrick in this issue but Ted will stay in his civvies - so no Starman.

Shortly after Jay leaves, Ted investigates; we are made aware that Ted Knight is acting under duress.

ted knight under duress

That's right, the bad guy will remain a mystery for a time.

The Flash makes his way to Boulder Dam and encounters some kind of energy creature.

an energy creature

Not only is this creature made of electricity but it eats electricity. The question is what can the Flash's speed do against such an elemental? Flash disarms it by creating a tornado.

flash whips up a tornado

Jay toys around with the creature

flash toys with the energy creature

The Flash drops his guard a bit too much.

flash gets hit

A much more focused Flash successfully evades the creature.

flash evades the energy creature

The men in the dam - the dam men - give Flash some cable which manages to hold the creature.

the energy creature contained

Better than the cable, Flash is given some good advice.

energy creature grounded

Once the behemoth is grounded the battle is done.

the battle is done

Back to the distraught Ted Knight, we now know the identity of one of his captors.

solomon grundy

That's Solomon Grundy.

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