Posted - November 20, 2017

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Justice Society of America (1991) No. 3
Dead Air

justice society of america (1991) no. 3

From last issue, we rewind a bit because the Black Canary and Green Lantern storylines overlap. So, once again, an energy creature is created and this creature soaks up electricity causing a citywide black out. One of those affected is Alan Scott and his tv crew. When Alan Scott is affected Green Lantern is bound to look into it.

the green lantern

It's a fight.

green lantern fighting with an energy creature

Here's the overlap with the Canary story:

grundy spots green lantern

Grundy sees GL and gets distracted. Canary pounces on him as seen last issue but she gets conked by some thugs from behind.

The energy creature known as Sagittarius attacks GL.

energy creature attacks green lantern

The Lantern counters.

green lantern puts energy creature in a straightjacket

The creature transforms into a Phoenix but GL can handle that too.

green lantern cages energy creature

At this point, Grundy does what all Hulk-like landbound creatures do against fliers: he picks up something big and throws it.

solomon grundy strikes

And just like that, sweet victory is stolen from the Green Lantern.

green lantern hit by solomon grundy

He gets knocked out but his ring floats him gently to the ground right into the arms of Grundy. Well, almost, just as Grundy is about to tear GL apart, the energy Phoenix swoops down and grabs both the Green Lantern and Black Canary.

energy creature grabs both green lantern and black canary

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