Posted - November 13, 2017

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World War Hulk No. 4
Let The Worlds Within And The Worlds Without Tremble In Their Orbits

World War Hulk No. 4

Doctor Strange has turned gigantic as he channels the power of the demon Zom to defeat the Hulk.

giant doctor strange/zom hybrid

The Warbound Hiroim is no match for Strange in this guise.

strange zom defeats hiroim

So powerful is Zom/Strange that the Hulk himself jumps into the fray.

hulk joins the fight

Zom/Strange comes close to defeating the Hulk. So close.

strange zom hits hulk

During the battle, some civilians become endangered and Strange comes to the fore.

doctor strange concerned about civilians

At this point the battle turns and the Hulk emerges victorious.

hulk beats strange zom

With all the Illuminati captured, the Hulk and his Warbound copy a page from the ancient gladiatorial traditions.

the illumninati as gladiators

First, a beast fight.

a monster

It is Black Bolt who delivers the death blow

black bolt slays a monster

Now something even more terrible and brutal.

a brutal fight announced

No. In spite of their refusal those damn discs make the heroes fight each other.

the illuminati forced to fight each other

For Reed Richards it is even more painful as his family is forced to watch.

ben and sue

It all comes down to Reed resisting with every thing he's got. Resisting and refusing to deal a death blow on Tony.

reed about to strike tony

Like the Emperors of old Hulk gives the signal.

hulk thumbs down

But help is on the way

sentry flying

I never liked the Sentry, but at this moment he's the hero I'm hoping for. Go Sentry! Go!

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