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The Thing Marvel Two-In-One 36 to 38:
Mr. Fantastic, Matt Murdock, Daredevil

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We come upon the Thing, Skull the Slayer and an intrepid group of adventurers lost in the era of the dinosaurs. As expected, it's a rough place but Ben does what he can to protect the others. Here he cushions a doctor as they drop down a waterfall.

The Thing cushions a fellow explorer as they fall down a waterfall

Ben was built for dinosaur country. These guys would be goners without him - unless Skull the Slayer is as strong as I think he is.

From the previous adventure the group got captured by the Aztecs and now they're going through dinosaur country. Historically, dinosaurs and men never co-existed. Here's the explanation about why this is happening here.

A theory about the Bermuda triangle

Personally, I don't think men can survive the world of the dinosaurs. Not without technology dating from at least the 16th century when muskets became widely available. But then again, what's a musket to a T-Rex?

The crezy priest from last issue is back, but now he's even more impressive.

The Jaguar Priest leading a flight of Pterodactyls

Commanding a flight of Pterodactyls instead of a small army of Aztecs gets my attention. Alas the aerial fight is not to be as our group manages to escape from the Bermuda triangle.

The Thing, Skull, and their group escape from the Bermuda Triangle

The Thing lands the plane in Florida and we get this little tidbit.

A little detail about Cape Canaveral

And here I thought Cape Canaveral and Cape Kennedy were two different places.

Yippee! Looks like that aerial fight is going to be an air-to=ground slugfest!

The Jaguar Priest and his flying dinosaurs attack Cape Canaveral

And now Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic makes an entrance into Cape Canaveral

A beautiful panel showing the Jaguar Priest approaching Cape Canaveral.

The Jaguar Priest and Pterodactyls approach Cape Canaveral

Reed helps to take on the Pterodactyls but as you can see he's not 100 percent.

Mr. Fantastic is exhausted

Mr. Fantastic does a Bouncing Boy.

Mr. Fantastic rolls himself into a ball

I wish he wasn't in such pain though. Mr. Fantastic has a great power, and the kind of power that gives great visuals. It's a treat to see him in action because Reed is so smart that we usually just see him in his lab.

Man, Reed can't finish the fight. Look at this.

Mr. Fantastic is exhausted

Another beautiful panel shot of the Cape.

Beautiful panel showing a rocket in Cape Canaveral

Skull the Slayer in action here.

What's wrong with this picture?

The Thing saves Ann from the jaws of a Pterodactyl

Ann was in the jaws of the Pteranodon for some time before Ben was able to rescue her but not a tear on that pristine white outfit. Realistically she should be a bit bloody after that ordeal.

And the story wraps up with our heroes triumphant. Still, the loose ends are a doozy. First, the Miami Police have a time lost Aztec or Mayan priest on their hands and let's not forget the Pterodactyls in the modern world. The entire thing conviniently - and sloppily - forgotten.

Next it's the Thing and Matt Murdock. Holy Cow, a comicbook with a lawyer in the marquee. We all know it's Daredevil but still, how many copies of this issue did they manage to sell back in the day?

The story opens with the Thing in the crosshairs. Yes.

The Thing in bed reading Stephen King and eating chocolates while being targeted by a marksman

But he's also in bed reading a Stephen King novel, eating a box of chocolates and smoking a cigar.

Look at this! I never thought I'd see the day.

The Thing complaining about having no money

The Thing with no money. I'm so used to this guy getting bankrolled by Reed Richards.

I did mention that the Thing was in somebody's crosshairs right? Well, this someone starts shooting. So what happens when the thing gets shot? I was expecting some fatal or near fatal result but against Ben's rock-hard skin our hero simply feels that he's being assaulted by bees. His reflex action vs these stings plus his prodigious strength results in some serious infrastructure damage. Here's a representative panel.

The Thing being victimized into doing property damage

Unsurprisingly, he is reported to the authorities and is arrested. What is surprising is the Thing's reaction.

A very depressed Ben Grimm

Surprising, yes, but this happens. It's called self-pity or fatalism and is very revealing of the psyche of the man-monster Ben Grimm has become. The fear of being a monster, no, the tragedy of being a monster, has always weighed heavily on Ben Grimm. He used to be a college jock and hotshot test pilot. Suddenly he's huge, monstrous and a freak. He's been holding it in but when an unexpected bad day happens it all just comes out. Just like it does for most of us some of the time. It's also a reminder that the Thing is one of Marvel's outsiders. He just covers it up a lot with his wise cracking.

Remember, in the adventure with Tigra when Ben unlocked a door in the Baxter Building using his fingerprint and I commented that the Thing doesn't have fingerprints? Well, here the cops are taking down his prints as part of their procedure.

The Thing's fingerprint

Well, the Thing does have fingerprints after all, just very unique ones - which serves the purpose exactly. Well, no not quite, since the Thing's fingerprints could probably be forged using a carefully selected piece of gravel.

Then the mug shot, to be followed by the out-and-out ridiculous lineup identification:

The Thing in a police lineup

Matthew Murdock is Ben's lawyer and his strategy is simple. Get character witnesses to Thing's heroic day-to-day activities and appeal that all charges be dropped.

Matt Murdock in action in court

Unfortunately, the prosecutor makes an excellent case.

A prosecutor makes a case against the Thing

He's right, we're not talking about the past, we are talking about recent acts of property destruction. and yes, you're still reading Marvel Two-In- One not Gotham Central.

Another witness is called and this one refers to the past (stupidly negating the prosecutor's line of reasoning). A lot of references are made to property destruction done by the Thing that have been chronicled in the pages of Fantastic Four when the FF were battling the likes of the Hulk and Silver Surfer.

And, of course, the all-important detail about who's going to pay for all this?

Who's going to reimburse the Thing's property damage

Everybody's embroiled in the details but I'm impressed about how Matt can make an appraisal of the 'long view' or strategic view of this proceedings.

Matt Murdock talks trial strategy

Matt is able to grasp the underlying problem and that it does not seem to have a quick solution.

Just like in real life, the times when you have to wait seems to be the hardest times of all.

The agony of waiting for a verdict

Just as the jury agrees that Ben must stand for trial the mysterious "stinging" starts up again with violent results.

The Thing mysteriously loses control

Daredevil is able to sense more about this courtesy of his heightened senses.

Daredevil the Living Radar

With his whole courtroom wrecked, lets empathize with the judge as he loses his impartiality.

A judge loses his cool

Well the entire story has been virtually in court. I enjoyed it but I pity the youngster who bought this looking for some action. Looks like we'll be getting it next issue because next up is still Matt but this time as Daredevil!

Here's the front page of the Daily Bugle.

The Thing is Daily Bugle front page news

The Thing has a point, it is a news item but to make it into a front page headline? It seems Jameson's enmity towards Spider-Man can spill over to other heroes.

I know you're angry Matt but did you have to break the phone?

Matthew Murdock breaks a phone

Last issue it was full-on Matt Murdock but, as promised, Matt changes to his alter ego. Here are two panels that show his awesome senses.

Alicia wants to go to Stonehenge

The first panel shoeing the cityscape and the moon behind DD is quite nice - I just wish he was facing front.

Daredevil's power can be pretty subtle so I really appreciate writing that shows it to best effect. Like these two panels here.

Daredevil uses his heightened senses to second guess a thug

Now Alex Stone was introduced last issue as the guy who was really pushing to put Grimm behind bars. The guy is drawn pretty buff, not really looking like one among the crowd of New Yorkers. Now we know why.

Sylvester Stallone is the inspiration for a Thing villain

Looks like Stone was inspired by Silvester Stallone - just look at that face.

Okay, Stone has super-strength.

The mysterious Mr. Stone shows his superhuman strength

The Alex Stone and Daredevil fight does not go well for DD. But there is one good panel, just one, where DD dishes it out in style.

Daredevil in full acrobatic assault

Look at this.

Daredevil trapped in a car under the river

Daredevil is trapped in a car underneath the river. In future days this will happen to him again, shown in the pages of Daredevil Born Again>.

Matt tells the Tbing about all that has transpired and it's enough to snap Ben out of the pity party he's been in since last issue. It happens doesn't it? You're feeling depressed but once you get moving, working on you're problem, just the act of working it can radically change your mood for the better.

In a hilarious turn, the guy whom the Thing chooses to ask about Stone is the very same guy Daredevil 'interrogated'.

A thug gets interrogated by a Marvel superhero for the second time

Somebody needs a bar.

Aw, this is a rare sight.

The Thing's Punisher face

Ben Grimm's Punisher face.

The thugs directions leads the Thing into an uderground lair. Love the display of strength against steel double doors.

The Thing makes his way to a mysterious underground lair

At first we don't know what the Thing is up against.

The Thing is thrown as he is hit by a king-sized fist

But judging by that fist it's big.

Nicely designed villain and beautiful Sunday punch from Ben.

An armored antagonist shows up and the Thing belts it with a punch

One should have been enough but looks like a there's a small army.

A small army of robots gang up on the Thing

Even more unfortunate Ben admits that the entire group together rivals him in strength. And who's army is it? The villain reveals himself.

The Mad Thinker has captured Daredevil

The Mad Thinker.

Well the Thinker begins ranting and proves that he is indeed the Mad Thinker. The guy actually wants to master the element of chance - talk about mission impossible. Well not for the Thinker, he thinks he has the solution but needs Daredevil's unique abilities to pull it off. In order to force DD to think his way the Thinker threatens the life of the Thing. And on this cliffhanger the issue ends.

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