Posted - November 18, 2016

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World War Hulk
Gamma Files, Gamma Corps 3, Front Line 4

Gamma Files Gamma Corps 3 Front Line 4

If you're familiar with The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Gamma Files is like that - an encyclopedic guide containing character details such as histories, powers and other stats. Gamma Files focuses on the subset of the Marvel Universe which we can consider the 'Hulk Universe'. The only thing that I've seen that is like this would be The Official Handbook of the Conan Universe, that comic referenced Robert E. Howard's legendary Cimmerian and the Hyborian World he inhabits.

Let's take a look at Gamma Files

First stop is Black Bolt. Or rather, Black Bolt's power grid.

Black Bolt's power grid

Interestingly, Black Bolt's strength can be amplified by his energy powers. I'm surprised by the Energy Projection stat - considering how feared Black Bolt's scream is,I would expect it to be at 7.

Next, we have the Hulk's power grid

Hulk's power grid

This refers to the current Hulk, the World War Hulk. As you can see, Strength and Durability way up and Intelligence only a notch below. Just those three stats translate to extreme formidability.

The World War Hulk is just one iteration of the Hulk over the years. Here are some of the others that Gamma Files helpfully shows us.

The different kinds of Hulk

Next we have a nice portrait of the Illuminati

The Illuminati

The Initiative, both teachers and students also get a nice group montage.

The Initiative: teacher's and students

There's a beautiful rendition of She-Hulk. Here she is with her power grid.

She-Hulk and her power grid

As strong as the Hulk (a bit unbelievable). Just as tough and not as smart. Scientists (Bruce) will of course rival lawyers (Jen) in the mental horsepower department.

We can't leave off without a shot of the Warbound.

The Warbound

A nice detail is about Amadeus Cho. Evidently Amadeus Cho's brain is so powerful that he burns massive calories just by thinking - requiring him to eat a lot - you'll notice that he's always snacking on a candy bar or something.

This brief look really doesn't do justice to Gamma Files because it is dense with text. If you want to read a lot about the Hulk and his world be sure to get a copy.

Let's go check out Gamma Corps

We start with a flashback to perhaps the most famous issue of The Incredible Hulk. Issue no. 181. The first appearance of Wolverine. It was a three-way fight between Hulk, Wolverine and Wendigo and here the military has happened upon the scene after the fight when all combatants have left.

The government at the site of the fight between Huilk, Wolverine and Wendigo

Very noticeable are Wolverine's distinctive claw marks.

I love Ryker's statement after being informed of the existence of a real Wendigo.

Ryker talking

Ok, so what happened was when Wolverine fought the Hulk those adamantium claws made the Hulk bleed and now, the military has Hulk blood.

Ryker has Hulk's blood

So here's where we left off from the last issue of Gamma Corps. A missile headed for the stone starship.

Missile headed for the stone starship

Hulk handles it.

Hulk destroys a missile

Ryker is behind this attack. Here's the second wave.

Hulk being attacked by humanoids

I don't know if this is bizarre or whimsical but Hulk gums them up into a giant ball and throws them away.

Hulk rolls the humanoids into a giant ball and throws them away

Another flashback. Ryker's wife had cancer. Here is what she normally looks like.

Ryker and his wife

I'm guessing that Ryker was shooting her up with something based on Hulk's blood, because she turns to this.

Ryker's wife changing because of Hulk's blood

She gets worst and worst.

Ryker in front of his sick wife

Apparently, and unluckily, the Hulk shots gave her gamma-powered cancer. Yikes.

It's time for Gamma Corps. First up, Gedion.

Gedion attacks Hulk

Gedion's size is quite impressive considering Hulk is almost a giant.

Gedion down.

Gedion clobbered by Hulk

This is wrong. Why didn't Gamma Corp attack en masse?

Next Mess.

Mess attacks Hulk

Oh c'mon. She has no chance. She-Hulk couldn't take out her cousin, and Mess is still mostly human.

Hulk breaks Mess' arm

Ouch. Told you.

Griffin probably has the best chance against the Hulk.

Griffin attacks Hulk

But not alone. Not alone.

Hulk clobbers Griffin

Next: Gray.

Gray attacks Hulk

Just when I thought Gamma Corps was stupid, they give us a shock ending.

Gray talking


Gray breaks Hulk's neck

The Hulk is dead! Wha?! And with that we are left with the mother of all cliffhangers. Hey, these Gamma Corps people are an effective fighting force and here I thought they were going to be grist for the Hulk mill.

Ok let's head on back to 'normal people world' with Front Line.

Ah, Danny and Sally have just finished a very important stress-relief exercise.

Sally and Danny in bed

That's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about Danny's black eye. That one is from Korg. And why? Well, because Korg just informed Danny, from the last issue, that Danny is a part of a quaint 'investigation' that if unresolved will mean Danny will have to kill himself. No kidding. Talk about really needing stress relief. Kudos to Danny for being able to get it up while worrying for his freakin' life.

World War Hulk is so traumatic that for the first time ever we see Ben not wearing a suit.

Ben Urich walking

Sally goes into a bar and gets a free drink from . . .

J. Jonah Jameson talking to Sally in a bar

Notice the aliens drinking in the background?

Jameson makes an offer for Front Line.

Jameson talking

Makes sense. If you can't beat 'em , buy 'em. I was just about to make a comment on why no one is bothering the aliens seeing as how they've pretty much laid waste to NYC. Looks like people are annoyed at them aliens. Anyway, no go. Sally won't sell.

Ben is witness to Emperor Hulk's little gladiatorial arena.

The Hulk's makeshift gladiatorial arena

I recognize Stark. Black Bolt, of course. I don't know the other guy.

Let's leave Ben and segue over to the next half of the book which is concerned with Danny's and Korg's investigation of the 'death' of ARCH-E-5912. Archie - the robot. Looks like our pair have patched things up enough to watch tv together.

Korg and Danny watching tv

My mistake. Not tv - cctv.

Korg and Danny watching footage of ARCH-E-5912

Funny. Oh look, Korg meets Elmo.

Korg looking at Elmo

Ok, I feel the following panel is leading up to the answer to the mystery.

Korg telling Danny what he told Archie

Danny has figured it out, Korg hasn't. Another funny panel.

Danny laughing while Korg gets mad

I'm really warming up to Korg. Ben Grimm and him would get along famously in another reality.

Big surprise (not!), we are left with a cliffhanger.

Danny and Korg

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