Dragonlance Trilogy

dragonlance trilogy

As a former player (and dungeon master) of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game, this trilogy had immediate appeal for me.

I wasn't disappointed. The novels had the elements of a classic AD&D; campaign, foremost of which is a multiracial group of characters with diverse capabilities going off on an adventure - several adventures, actually.

I find the parts dealing with Fizban and Tas to be particularly hilarious. True to the best in this kind of fantasy the authors maximized the beauty of the locations. Xak Tsaroth, the High Clerists Tower, Palanthas, Kalaman, the Monument to the Silver Dragon and the Blood Sea of Istar are particularly breathtaking.

The parts with dragons on them also stand out.

That said, the trilogy also has some noteworthy weaknesses:

Chapters 8 and 9 of the second book dealing with the events in the Elven kingdom of Silvanesti were a pain to go through - I couldn't help thinking that the authors were attempting to do something that was beyond their skill as writers at the time.

The Elves, except for the key protagonists, are quite disappointing as a race, expectations concerning them are set up by the implicit assumption throughout the book that they are somehow better than the other races of Krynn. I keep expecting to be shown instances of this supposed superiority but they keep coming across as selfish and fearful.

The writing falters a bit, but in the end, the strengths of this trilogy make these books worth your time particularly if you are a fan of the world of Dungeons & Dragons.