vespers by ed mcbain

This is my second McBain book and it won't be my last.

Reading Ed McBain is sort of like watching TV only better. His books have the fast pacing and strong dialog of the best TV programs plus the reader has the benefit of being able to 'hear' every word since actors can't mumble them or special effects can't garble them. Also McBain is able to show things that will never get past the TV censors.

An added benefit to the 87th precinct books is that with every book you get more familiar with the characters. In this case, Carella. Fat Ollie is conspicuous by his absence here. This particular story also touches on faith and interestingly suggest things which I agree with such as the fallibility of the church.

It is, of course, at core, a whodunit, and it kept me guessing for a while. The plot is tight as usual but it is the little things that McBain attracts the readers with. The humor that he manages to instill into serious situations, the obvious love he has for the precinct and everyone in it, the way he presents the cops as almost symbols of the human spirit's refusal to give up.

In the end, I'd like to say that McBain has a ton of books I've never read yet and thank God for it. I intend to read every one.

Posted: November 13, 2007