Century Egg Congee


Cooking Instructions

  1. Dump everything into the crock pot except the chicken meats.
  2. Put enough water.Like 5 cups or more.
  3. As for the chicken meat, cut them into slices or cubes, whichever doesn’t matter.
  4. Season the meat with soya sauce, sesame oil, some Chinese cooking wine, pepper and a bit of cornflour.
  5. Keep this boneless chicken meat in the refrigerator, covered.
  6. The next morning, just put in the chicken meat and turn off heat when the meats are cooked. Adjust the consistency of the porridge.Add more water if necessary.
  7. Serve by sprinkling with cut spring onions and young gingers.
  8. If you like boil an extra salted duck’s egg and cut into small pieces to sprinkle on the porridge.
  9. Yummy treat for breakfast!The homecooked version is not oily at all, i.e. if you remove the chicken skin and any visible fats.