Ingredients for the masa or dough

Cooking Instructions

  1. Put the meat in a pot and put in enough water to submerge or cover the meat.
  2. Add the tablespoon of salt and slow boil in medium heat.
  3. Drain the meat but save the broth.
  4. Allow the meat to cool and then chop it into bits.
  5. Pour the chili sauce over the meat and then mix. Set aside.
  6. Make the masa. Rinse the corn in water in order to clean it.
  7. Add 6 quarts of water to a pan and dissolve the slaked lime into the water.
  8. Place the pan on high heat and add the corn while stirring.
  9. Get rid of any corn kernels that float to the top.
  10. Bring the water to a biol then lower the heat to simmer for 15 minutes.
  11. Remove the pan from the fire and let the corn soak for 1 hour.
  12. Rinse the corn in water. Do it thoroughly to remove the lime taste.
  13. Remove the hull from each individual corn kernel by running them between your hands while rinsing in water
  14. Dry the wet kernels by patting them with towel.
  15. Grind the kernels to a slightly chunky paste then mix in a cup and a half of water to make a dough. This is the masa.
  16. Soak the corn shucks in hot water until they grow soft.
  17. Separate the corn shucks into individual "leaves".
  18. Mix masa, the lard and a tablespoon of salt and the meat broth till you create a smooth paste. You will know it is ready if you take a spoonful and it floats in glass of cold water.
  19. Put a layer of masa and meat inside a ouja leaf and roll the leaf over the filling.
  20. Steam the stuffed ouja for an hour and a half after which the tamales is ready.