Pathfinder Character Generation

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Ability Scores

Heroic Method: Role 2d6+6 for each Ability.

The Heroic Method of generating Ability scores is one of several outlined in the Pathfinder Rulebook but I think it it is the best. With the Heroic Method, the minimum ability score possibe is 8. And that, quite frankly, should be the bare minimum for a Player Character. The Heroic Method protects against creating an unuseable character.

With that, I want to recommend one other twist. Back in the days of first edition Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax had us role a 3d6 and put the score for each ability in strict order (STR first, then INT, so on and so forth . . .). Pathfinder says: put the number on the ability you want. Now what I suggest is do it the Gygax way: First roll for STR, second roll for DEX, third for CON, and so on and so forth.

But you might not get the character you want you say? Exactly. Give the 'gods of chance' a part in your character creation. See what comes out. It's more fun that way.